The first idea of ​​building the MTX Tatra V8 was as an introductory circuit car at the Hungaroring, while the idea of ​​a racing car was worked on until a beautiful model was born. However, then came the revolutionary year 1989, and such homologated road cars arrived in the Czech Republic, which we had never dreamed of before.

Photo: Jan Majurník

Supersport MTX Tatra V8 was originally not even supposed to be a brand.

Nevertheless, it was decided to see the project through to the end and put this monster on the brands, which was finally done – even if only in a very limited series of three pieces. These today’s icons gathered together as planned in Kopřivnice at the local Technical Museum, where they can be seen in a special exhibition from today (at least until the beginning of March).

On the eve of the opening of this exhibition, Ing. Petr Bold, director of the MTX company, that a re-edition of the MTX Tatra V8 is being prepared. According to the original procedures, ten more pieces of this iconic supersport will be created!

Photo: Jan Majurník

Karel Bordovský (from our point of view on the right) is a brilliant Czech engine builder who worked on the original cars and should also work on the re-edition.

MTX has both technical documentation and production preparations at its disposal. Even selected people who built the original MTX Tatra V8 are supposed to participate in the cars. Among them is the motoring genius Karel Bordovský. The modern series is to be limited to 10 pieces, while Tatra itself gave the green light to this project.

The cars are supposed to cost up to 10 million crowns each, while the plan is to produce cars practically identical to the originals using original technologies. Modern metalex V8s will get to the brands in the form of a T613 conversion, as the original cars are also based on these foundations. Petr Bold revealed that there are already serious applicants who have their financial advances realistically ready.

Photo: Jan Majurník

Edition miniatures-models of the MTX Tatra V8 will also be released.

Who would not have free 10 balls for a production car, you can wait for special editions of reduced models. But you’ll have to be quick, because passionate modelers and collectors are already polishing their display cases and opening their wallets.

The unveiling of a trio of MTX Tatra V8 models in Kopřivnice.Video: Jan Majurník

Conversations with the Tatras

On the eve of the opening of the exhibition, we caught the engine master Karel Bordovský to tell us more about the technique of the upcoming re-edition.

“This project is a revival of the spirit of the Tatras. If Tatra creates the conditions for us, I will probably build engines for the MTX Tatra V8 re-edition with my team. For reasons of sustainability, it will most likely be a serial, completely refurbished T613 engine in perfect condition with an output of 200 horsepower,” revealed Bordovský.

“The transmission will probably be a four-speed, as the absolute minimum of the T613 five-quarts has survived. On the other hand, we can choose and play with final gear ratios of 3.9 or 3.15,” adds the father of Tatra engines.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The Supertatra lights come from the BMW 8 Series.

At the end, we asked Bordovský if he would fit a five-valve from the T700 into the car, which the motorman confirmed. At the same time, he prudently found out if it would be possible to resume the production of the legendary air-cooled 4.36-liter eight-cylinders with Nikasil-coated cylinders. And you know what? It went! In theory, it is so realistic that super sports could also have this top unit from the T700. And that would be a blast.

We couldn’t do it, and we even caught the owner of one of the MTX Tatrovek, who, as a true Tatrovák heartthrob, chatted with us about his treasure, which he takes for a ride once in a while. When asked how he would rate the MTX Tatra V8 fare, he answered as follows:

“I drove contemporary competitors such as the Ferrari Testarossa or the Lamborghini Diablo. Compared to them, the MTX Tatra V8 is more of a kart that turns better and has a better center of gravity. Sure, the car has its faults, but with Tatra cars, you either hate them or you love them. Not much in between,” says S. Jirásek.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The white car has recently undergone a partial restoration and looks amazing.

Another question was directed to whether the owner of a rare veteran is not afraid of a reduction in its price due to the creation of the MTX Tatra V8 re-edition.

“A few years ago, there were several attempts to revive the MTX Tatra V8 project, but they all ended in two things: First, money and second, money. So I don’t think the re-editions would detract from the value of the originals. In my opinion, it will only increase.”

You can see a trio of rare super sports at the Tatra Technical Museum from today, December 1, 2023 until at least March 2, 2024. In addition to them, you can see the rare T613, T700, but also the iconic Eccora Sport V8, which far surpassed the Super Tatra, especially in the area of ​​top speed . So hooray for legends in Kopřivnice!