The new Dacia Duster can have a hybrid engine and all-wheel drive. To top it all off, you can embellish it with a bunch of accessories.

You have probably all seen the new Dacia Duster. You can recall the most important in our previous article. Along with the new batch of photos, we were also presented with a rich selection of original accessories that will be available for the new product. This only supports the adventurous nature that the new duster has and corresponds perfectly with the brand’s new identity. What is it all about?

Is this a Dacia Duster?  The new generation looks tough and has a hybrid and a four-wheel drive, you don't have to deal with scratches anymore

In higher trims, you can have modular roof bars, on which you can fit quite a lot. You can put a cage on it and stuff for traveling or sports through the rubber bands. Depending on the car, you can have holders that can be attached next to the infotainment display, on the left side of the center tunnel, at the end of the center tunnel or on the front passenger’s headrest.

In these places, the holder can be used for a modular box, which can serve as a drink holder and a lamp can also be attached to it. As an additional accessory, you can include a loop for hanging a jacket on the inside of the fifth door.

Dacia also introduced a sleeper, where the duster turns into a small motorhome. It also has a Jogger model, and we recently tried this type of sleeping on our skin. In the wooden box, which is placed in the suitcase, you can store equipment for sports or for travel, for example.


Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer that has been part of the Renault group since. It was founded in 1966 and was already cooperating with Renault at that time.

Dacia’s portfolio mainly includes cars of a lower price category, for example the off-road Dacia Duster, which in 2017 received its second generation.

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