The first year you can still save on the highway stamp.

Increasing the price of the annual motorway stamp was not exactly a popular decision, but given the rise in prices across the board, it is a miracle that it has remained the same since 2012. Instead of 1500 CZK, we will pay 2300 CZK for it. But it wouldn’t be the Czech nature to not figure out how to save significantly for at least the first year.

The growth of the road network in the Czech Republic will gain momentum.  In 2024, the state will open 159.5 km of roads and highways.  Work is already underway
Motorway stamps: Comparison 2023/2024
Type of fee Current price Price from March 1, 2024
Annual 1500 CZK 2300 CZK
Monthly CZK 440 430 CZK
Ten days old 310 CZK 270 CZK
Daily 200 CZK

With the purchase of electronic highway stamps, which came three years ago, new possibilities opened up. The annual coupon is valid for 365 days from its activation, not the calendar year. In addition, its validity can be extended by up to 3 months from the date of purchase. And that’s exactly what thrifty motorists want to take advantage of.

The increased price will apply from March 1, so if your current stamp is valid until May, buy a new one on the last day of February at the original price and set its activation following the end of the existing one. CZK 800 is at home all at once.

The new horizontal road markings on Czech highways are of no use to many drivers.  But they have themselves to blame

The increase in the price of the annual fee is probably the only “negative” thing brought about by the amendment. Thanks to the ceilings established by the EU, which are based on the percentage ratio to the annual coupon, zcheap monthly stamp for 440 to 430 CZK and ten-day from 310 to 270 CZK. A one-day ticket for 200 CZK is new. Cars with alternative drives have lower rates and electric cars don’t have to pay anything at all

In addition to the portal, stamps can now also be purchased on the transport portal or physically at the post office or EuroOil gas stations.

Highway signs: Alternative drives
Type of fee CNG a Biomethan Hybrid do 50 g/km
Annual CZK 1,150 CZK 570
Monthly 210 CZK 100 CZK
Ten days old 130 CZK CZK 60
Daily 100 CZK CZK 50