Google is experimenting with generative artificial intelligence and is now offering a tool that makes it possible create music using over 100 instruments from around the world. V Instrument Playground just enter a simple prompt containing the name of the musical instrument you need add an adjective (e.g. optimistic, gloomy, romantic, etc.). It will then generate 20 second sound clipwhich will become the default for further folding.

In essence, however, it is much more of an experiment than a regular function. It was designed by Simon Doury, artist-in-residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab. It uses the MusicLM tool by Google, which was released to the public in May for AI-powered text conversion.

Instrument Playground prompts the user to selected one of over 100 instruments from around the world, which will be used in the final track. But the results they do not always correspond to the assignment and often you can’t even recognize the original chosen musical instrument in them. Much more than the songs are about abstract composition. The tool also has a problem with some adjectives (eg after entering quirky or psychedelic, an error window pops up).

After generating the initial sample, you can continue to choose from options (Ambient, Beat and Pitch) and adapt the song to your ideas, for example by adding additional sounds. Layering and looping up to four tracks is also possible when using the advanced mode. You can then download the final result in .wav format. You can try the tool here.