The Opel Corsa range has so far lacked a bridge between the combustion version and the electric car. That will soon change and you will still have a choice.

Currently, you can buy an Opel Corsa as an electric car or with a petrol 1200 in three performance specifications and the option of manual and automatic transmission. Now the offer will be expanded by a pair of hybrids.

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These are of course based on turbocharged three-cylinder 1.2 liters with outputs of 74 and 100 kW and torques of 205 and 230 Nm. The engines were developed from the beginning with electrification and a 48V system in mind. In both cases, the petrol unit is complemented by a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets with a power of 21 kW and a torque of 55 Nm. Due to its compact dimensions, it is housed in one box together with a six-speed automatic transmission and a DC converter.

The electric motor helps the Corsa during acceleration and taxiing or maneuvers up to 30 km/h. It draws energy from a 432 Wh battery, sufficient for a kilometer of emission-free driving. It is located under the driver’s seat. It is recharged by recuperation during braking or by the engine when the power requirement is low.

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The result is solid efficiency. The non-electrified Corsa 1.2 with the eight-speed automatic has a consumption of 5.5 l/100 km with emissions of 125 g/km. The weaker hybrid consumes only 4.7 liters of fuel per 100 km with emissions of 106 g/km.