After a long wait, the Renault 5 E-Tech is slowly being revealed. It will premiere in February 2024.

Renault is well aware of the need for small and affordable electric cars on the European market. They will be the focus in the near future. The closest to serial production is the 5 E-Tech, which will enter the market already next year.

In connection with the return of the five, Renault reaches for a retro design inspired by its predecessor from the seventies and gives it a human face. We are referring to the front headlights in the shape of a narrowed eye, where the designers managed to capture the pupils as well. Another specialty is the digital indicator of the state of charge of the battery in the place where the original car had an air vent. The numbers are loaded on it up to the symbolic 5, when the battery is fully charged.

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From the shape of the body of the new product, a prominent overhang above the rear wheels remains. It used to be straight, now it has a stylish curved shape. This brings us to the rear, where the vertical lights are the most prominent feature. These again draw on history, but at the same time have a high luminosity and an aerodynamic function. Because it tames the eddies in the back.

The Renault 5 E-Tech will come to the market in three colors (yellow, blue and green), the shade of which is revealed by the graphics. The December 1st hit kicked off a media campaign where the car weaves its way through a maze to the beat of French band Daft Punk’s Instant Crush.

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The city gnome measures 3.92m in length and has a 52kWh battery for a range of 400km. A version with a 40kWh battery will follow. It will be the first Renault with a two-way on-board charger and the possibility of powering external devices. The first markets with this option will be France and Germany. Thanks to the AmpR Small platform with a single-element rear axle, the car promises above-average driving characteristics. The interior will be animated by a fun reno avatar.

If you are interested in the car, you can already buy an R5 R Pass for about 3700 CZK. This will allow you to order the car 10 days before the official start of pre-sales and will ensure priority delivery in autumn next year.

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Unfortunately, the Czech Republic is not on the list of priority markets, but just go to neighboring Germany. Other participating countries include France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. The public will be able to view the 5 E-Tech from February 26 at the Geneva Motor Show. The price should be below 610,000 CZK.