“Traffic in Prague is very specific, as shown by all accident statistics available to us. Accidents are very often related to heavy traffic, their cause is long queues or a sudden change in the flow of traffic,” said Jan Chalas from the company DataFriends, which operates the Accident Portal. According to him, when calculating the risk of selected places in Prague, the Accident Portal will now take into account the number of vehicles passing through the given section. “In this way, we can find out not only the absolute but also the relative accident rate, which will provide us with additional information about the level of risk for the driver,” he added.

Almost a third of traffic accidents in Prague occur in the Prague 4 police district, an average of 5,531 accidents per year. The area is crossed by the main road connected to the D1 approach and also leads to the city ring road and the South Junction, so that strong transit and long-distance traffic is mixed with strong individual and city traffic that goes to the densely populated parts of Prague 4.

In the number of accidents, the fourth Prague district is followed by Prague 3 with an average of 4,670 accidents, Prague 2 with 4,478 and Prague 1 with an average of 4,356 accidents per year.

According to data from the Accident Portal, almost 70 percent of Prague accidents are caused by drivers driving inappropriately. Failure to give way is responsible for a fifth of the cases, and six percent were caused by drivers driving at an unreasonable speed. Three percent of accidents in Prague are due to no fault of the driver.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Intensive Prague traffic increases the risk of accidents.

The greatest risk of a traffic accident in Prague is at intersections. These are often complicated and busy due to long-distance and local transport, including trams. According to the portal, the highest risk is the intersection of Kbelská and Novopacká streets near the Kbely airport, where 128 accidents have occurred in the last five years with 14 injuries. At the intersection of Klárov and Valdštejnská streets, there were 93 accidents with 15 injuries during the same period. The intersection of Milady Horáková and Korunovační streets near Letenské náměstí recorded 89 accidents with 14 injuries.

At the end of October this year, 407 people died on Czech roads, according to preliminary data from the traffic police, 20 more than last year. The number of accidents and the number of seriously injured people decreased compared to last year. According to data from the inspection of the Supreme Audit Office (NAO) from the beginning of November, road safety has increased over the past 11 years, but the number of people killed in accidents is still high. According to the inspectors, over the past 11 years there have been 35.8 percent fewer people killed in accidents and 43.9 percent less seriously injured.