The fifth-generation Prius will be offered exclusively as a plug-in hybrid in Europe. If you want to ride it for free, you have two chances this week in Prague as part of the Toyota roadshow, which will arrive at the destination of a several-month long tour of the Czech Republic.

For more than a quarter of a century, the Prius has left its mark on the Toyota brand as the first series-produced electrified car, setting future trends. To date, Toyota has sold over 23 million electrified cars with a hybrid or plug-in hybrid drive worldwide, of which the Prius alone accounted for over five million.

The latest one means strengthening Toyota’s model range, which also includes battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs), to give everyone the widest possible choice.

Combining pure electric driving (EV) with the practicality of the latest hybrid technology gives the new plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius a dual character. A purely electric range of up to 86 kilometers thanks to a battery with a capacity of 13.6 kWh allows you to manage most everyday needs without using the internal combustion engine. On longer routes or wherever charging is simply not possible, a new generation of plug-in hybrid drive with improved performance and CO emissions comes into play2 11 g/km – so far the lowest in this model range.

The new Toyota Prius already has Czech prices.  It costs a solid 1,150,000 CZK and already has super equipment in the base

26 years on the road

Since its introduction in 1997, the Prius has been praised for its economy, but not necessarily for its driving ability. However, the fifth generation of hybrid technology from Toyota hides surprising potential. The hybrid system generally brings greater driving pleasure due to the increase in performance and efficiency. The 2.0 combustion engine for the TNGA platform has a power of 112 kW and works together with a new electric motor with a power of 120 kW. The maximum system power is 164 kW. Compared to the previous one (90 kW), the new generation brings confident and dynamic acceleration.

Power plant on the roof

The drive for maximum efficiency is evidenced by an optional solution in the form of photovoltaic cells on the roof of the vehicle, which in one day produce electricity to extend the range by eight kilometers. The photovoltaic roof directly recharges the battery of the plug-in hybrid system without an intermediate stage in the form of another photovoltaic battery, as was the case with the predecessor. The roof is now slightly smaller, but thanks to the new photovoltaic cells, the overall efficiency has increased by more than 15%.

The new Toyota Prius has a modern platform and all-wheel drive.  It can travel up to 1,250 km per year on solar energy alone

Iconic wedge

The Prius has always managed to impress with its eye-catching looks, but the latest generation is surprisingly stylish. The iconic wedge shape of the body, which has been a typical feature of the Toyota Prius since the second generation, impresses with modern curves in a new style. The silhouette of the body in the spirit of the coupe is now 50 millimeters lower, while the highest point of the roof has been moved slightly back. The car also wears larger tires measuring up to 19″.

The wheelbase, which has been extended by 50 millimeters compared to the previous generation, also contributes to the striking shape. Overall, however, the car is now shorter by 46 millimeters. Looking at the rear, a linear light element with a three-dimensional effect draws attention to the distinctive Prius emblem.

The new Toyota Prius with extreme tuning will get stuck on every bump.  But it looks really good!

Clean interior

The spacious cabin combines joy behind the wheel with practicality in the form of a clean interior layout. The driver’s workplace is dominated by a 7″ screen in the field of vision. The newly designed instrument panel emphasizes comfort. The panel includes subtle air conditioning controls and an unobtrusive central screen at the bottom, which provides access to Toyota’s latest cloud-based multimedia system.

The improved front camera with radar covers a longer detection distance and boasts a larger field of view in both horizontal and vertical directions. It is thus possible to recognize a greater number of objects and detect a wider range of possible dangers, including motorcycles and objects on the sides of the road.

Even a Toyota Prius can look like a Ferrari.  The Japanese customizer offers bizarre bodykits

Driving analysis

The new Toyota Prius comes with a number of features for easier driving, more economical operation and more joy behind the wheel. The new Predictive Efficient Drive prediction system contributes to lower fuel consumption, which analyzes the driver’s regular routes and driving style and automatically optimizes the use of the electric drive mode in favor of the lowest possible consumption.

Furthermore, on the basis of data from navigation, it recognizes places where the brakes are usually applied sharply, and automatically uses recuperation more intensively to maximize the use of kinetic energy for recharging. When approaching a highway or a hill with higher energy consumption demands, the system actively selects Hybrid mode to ensure that the battery is recharged before electricity consumption increases, thus helping to reduce the vehicle’s overall real consumption. With additional data obtained and the increasing number of kilometers driven, the system becomes more and more efficient, allowing for more efficient use of the electrified drive.

The second annual Toyota roadshow begins!  You will see the hot new product in the menu as well as all available drive types

The ride ends in Prague

Toyota’s roadshow, which began in September, will cross the finish line in December. And that in Prague. On Monday, December 4, you can drive a Prius at Toyota Domanský in Zdibe and on Wednesday, December 6 at Toyota Louwman in Sárská 3. This will end the string of twenty-one stops in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, where Toyota presents all four types of alternative drives it currently offers.

Next to the Prius, it is the C-HR that represents the full hybrid drive. The battery electric car is represented by the Toyota bZ4X and the hydrogen electric car by the Mirai model. “During the roadshow, people learned about individual drives and technologies. Salespeople and trained staff were at hand, as well as touch information boards explaining the individual technologies in detail.” says Michal Velička, marketing manager of Toyota CR.

Program Toyota roadshow 2023

Datum Dealership City
26. 9. 2023 Toyota Emil Frey Prague – Black Bridge
02.10.2023 Toyota Tsusho Prague – Modřany
04.10.2023 Toyota Louwman Positively
06.10.2023 Toyota Auto Eder Carlsbad
09.10.2023 Toyota HS Car Jihlava
13.10.2023 Toyota BSAUTO Brno
16.10.2023 Toyota C&K Uherské Hradiště
18.10.2023 Toyota T-MOTOR Zlin
20.10.2023 Toyota T-MOTOR Olomouc
23.10.2023 Toyota Autobond Group Ostrava – Hrabová
25.10.2023 Toyota OlfinCar Pardubice
31.10.2023 Toyota OlfinCar Hradec Králové
02.11.2023 Toyota Autostyl Trutnov
06.11.2023 Toyota Auto KP Plus Liberec
08.11.2023 Toyota Louwman Usti nad Labem
21.11.2023 Toyota Dollars I’m gaining weight
23.11.2023 Toyota Dollars Pilsen
28.11.2023 Toyota Autobond Group Prague – Vysočany
30.11.2023 Toyota C&K Brno
04.12.2023 Toyota Domansky Zdiby
06.12.2023 Toyota Louwman Prague