The retail chain, the largest American employer and the largest company by revenue Walmart told Reuters that already will not advertise on the X platform. The departure comes after the owner of X Elon Musk he increased the frequency of anti-Semitic posts and made unflattering comments about departing advertisers.

“We no longer advertise on X because we found other platforms that better reach our customers,” a Walmart spokesperson told Reuters.

Walmart’s departure is another blow to X next door a growing list of companies that have pulled advertising from the platform, namely Apple, Disney, IBM, Comcast or Warner Bros. Discovery. And another group of advertisers told The New York Times on Thursday that their temporary suspension is likely to become permanent.

Former X advertisers had no shortage of reasons to leave. For example, a billionaire recently took the side of a user who posted an inappropriate post that contained the conspiracy theory that Jewish communities incite hatred against whites. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The group Media Matters recently released a report in which they are advertisements of well-known brands placed next to anti-Semitic content. Company X responded with a lawsuit, accusing it of doing this on purpose.

Musk’s attempt to fix the situation only made things worse. After apologizing at The New York Times’ DealBook event for amplifying anti-Semitic content, he told advertisers who had pulled out of the platform to “they went to shit”. His company now stands to lose $75 million.


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