Sometimes graceful and agile, sometimes cumbersome and clumsy. The BMW x5 changes moods according to the situation.

After a series of sport-tuned cars, we are returning to the most popular SUV segment with the BMW X5. The editors of km77 invited the modernized version of the xDrive30d, which basically wears 19-inch rims, to the polygon. Here’s an optional 21-inch set with Pirelli PZero 275/40R21 front and 315/35 R21 rear tires.

The most powerful current BMW is the new safety car for MotoGP.  It has 1000 Nm and goes up to 290 km/h

Despite a weight of 2295 kg and a length of 4.94 m, the X5 is extremely nimble between the cones. Body tilts are handled by the air suspension in an exemplary manner and the steering remains precise at all times. Giant tires are also to blame for this. The result is 23.7 seconds, which is roughly the same as the sportier BMW M340d xDrive Touring and the Mercedes EQE 350+. That’s a very good performance for such a colossus.

In the moose test, the fight with physics is more pronounced. Especially in comfort mode, the suspension is soft, the steering is slower, and the BMW struggles to fold itself back into a lane in a confined space due to lean and understeer. In addition, the rear axle loses traction.

The Czech BMW X5 and X6 M Competition configurator is online: You can easily reach 5 million!

Slowing down from 77km/h to 72km/h and engaging Sport mode, the X5 nicely bites the outer wheels and sends its heavy body in its intended direction. In comfort mode, the BMW remains unmanageable even at 70 km/h. In general, the X5 understeers, as evidenced by the knocking of cones even in sport mode at a speed of 74 km/h. Even in this case, it was not possible to return in time.