The price of used cars offered on the Czech market in November increased by 5,000 crowns compared to the previous month to a median of 210,000 crowns. It was 12,000 to 16,000 crowns higher than last year. The price of electric cars, on the other hand, fell by CZK 300,000 to CZK 900,000 year-on-year. This follows from the analysis of the Aures Holdings group, which operates the AAA Auto and Mototechna bazaars.

The number of cars in advertising and car dealerships increased by 534 cars to 108,640 cars. The age of cars decreased by 0.2 years to 10.5 years. Year-on-year, the number of cars offered increased by seven percent, of which the number of diesel cars rose by six percent.

“The double reduction of the list price of the new Tesla Model 3 in the course of 2023 had a big impact on the prices of new electric cars – up to 25 percent in total. This has been reflected throughout the used electric car market as many competing manufacturers have responded to this discounting. Which is a great opportunity for buyers of used electric cars,” said Petr Vaněček, director of operations at Aures Holdings.

The most frequently offered model was the Škoda Octavia with 10,097 cars on offer and a price of around 199,000 CZK. It is followed by Škoda Fabia with 6,196 cars sold and a price of CZK 79,900 and Superb with 3,406 cars and a price of around CZK 375,000.