Some things from our list are self-evident, others sound laughable. But it is true for all of them that they can come in handy in a crisis situation. And we don’t necessarily mean a traffic accident, even an unplanned traffic jam of several hours is enough, which is a frequent phenomenon in the snow-covered months. So what to think about before a long winter trip?

Scraper and broom

No surprises, a scraper and a broom are an unwritten necessity in winter. Proper cleaning of the car from snow will improve the view and, above all, the deposit on the car does not threaten other road users. It’s not enough, the driver behind you can be startled by a flying piece of snow, and the world is in trouble.

It’s a good idea to have a scraper at hand so that you don’t get snow on the seat when you get into the car. In this regard, Škoda’s placement in the tank cap (in the case of electric cars in the trunk lid) is very smart. If you forgot your scraper or it broke during intense cleaning, you can use a supermarket loyalty card or a sunken perm at the gym as an emergency.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Modern Škoda cars carry a scraper here – in the fuel tank cap.

Snow chains and tow rope

They say that you should buy snow chains if you only go to the mountains twice a year. Especially on freshly fallen soft snow, the tread of the tires becomes clogged and the shoes lose the necessary traction. Add to that the steeper hill, the drive of only one axle and how glad you will be to carry the chains in your trunk!

The same goes for the tow rope. During intense snowfall, the number of cars stuck in drifts increases – the rope comes in handy when helping others, but also when someone goes out to help you. A tow rope is a matter of a few hundred and takes up practically no space in the trunk.

Foto: Shutterstock

Snow chains always belong on the drive axle. For quad bikes, they go backwards.

Fuel supply

For longer winter trips, we definitely recommend a sufficient supply of fuel. We do not necessarily mean that you should carry a 20-liter canister of diesel in your trunk, rather it is a good idea to monitor the state of the fuel tank more intensively. It makes a big difference when you get stuck in the cold for ten hours with a full tank or a hungry eye. A started engine and comfort functions suck a little even when standing still. As long as you keep the fuel gauge needle in the upper range, you won’t hurt anything.

Photo: Jan Majurník

A fuel canister may require excessive care for a car in good technical condition. It is more than enough to monitor the state of the tank and refuel regularly.

Starter cables

When was the last time you checked the technical condition of your car battery? Don’t be shy, you’re definitely not alone. If the battery is not in good condition, it can easily fail from day to day. In such a case, jumper cables come in handy, also an inexpensive item that can do a lot of good.

How to do it? In short – connect the red cable to the plus of the discharged battery, then to the plus of the charged one, ideally with the engine of the other car running. Then connect the black cable to the minus of the charged battery and then to the frame of the started car. Most cars today have such a place visibly marked under the hood. And don’t forget, the disconnection is in reverse order.

An instructional video will remind you how to start a car via cables.Video: Garáž.cz

Headlamp and gloves

A light source and gloves come in handy in the car, even if you’re not training for a marathon. After all, in the winter months it gets dark after three o’clock in the afternoon and at four it is already dark. When something goes wrong with your car on the way home from work and you have to get out, a practical headlamp and work gloves will definitely come in handy during self-service maintenance.

A warm blanket and a nutritious snack

We loosely follow up on the point above. A fluffy blanket is a great companion not only when lounging on the couch at home, but it can also be useful in the car. For example, when you are forced to change a wheel or look at unhealthy sounds under the car.

But you will also appreciate it in the interior. Why, when you have heating and heating of the seats and the steering wheel? Well, all it takes is a small electronic fault and the pleasant heat will be replaced by a proper scythe in a few minutes. Waiting for towing can make “snapping” into the blanket really enjoyable. Likewise, don’t forget a small snack if sitting in the car takes too long. You can easily carry a piece of fresh fruit or a protein bar in the car’s storage space. So just check the condition of the bananas regularly…

Foto: Shutterstock/ nulinukas

Winter and snow will accompany us for at least a few more days. So get behind the wheel with all the more responsibility.

Let us know in the discussion below if you take a different/more responsible approach to winter car journeys, or if all of these lessons are just gimmicky grandmotherly advice for you. And feel free to show off if you’re carrying some of your own gadgets with you during these months!

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