Rockstar released the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI a day earlier than expected. You can watch it here:

As suggested by a recent teaser image and various anecdotal reports, GTA VI will take place in Leonidas, which is a fictional version of Florida. Much of the game will then take place in Vice City, which is a substitute for Miami in the GTA series of games. This won’t be the first time players have visited Vice City – they were able to explore the city for the first time in the fourth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series: Vice City, which was released in 2002. However, with the trailer featuring a lot of modern technology and even an Instagram live stream, it looks like GTA VI will be a game set in the present, rather than the 1980s like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City .

It also seems that the game will feature a playable female character for the first time in the series’ history. Other highlights of the trailer include Florida’s swampy Everglades National Park, an airship, wildlife and, of course, a strip club. Last year, there was a leak where 90 videos of the GTA VI test version appeared on the Internet. The videos hinted that the game will return to Vice City and that there will be two playable characters.

Grand Theft Auto VI will be released in 2025, a full 12 years after GTA V.