It has therefore not changed significantly since the end of the 70s of the last century, it is still a simple and spartanly equipped car for demanding terrain. And it impresses those interested in a similar vehicle.

However, the manufacturer has prepared several new improvements for the 2024 model year. Although… In the case of Lady Niva, sold under the nickname Legend, we cannot speak of a classic modernization, but rather of a partial return to the state in which the Russian offroad was at the beginning of 2022.

At the end of February 2022, Russia attacked neighboring Ukraine, to which part of the world responded by imposing sanctions on the largest country on the planet, among other steps. The sanctions have had an impact on Russian industry, including car production.

AvtoVAZ even had to stop production for a while. It renewed it only in the middle of 2022, saying that it could not equip the new cars with some common technologies. For example, Niva was produced without ABS or airbags.

ABS is now returning to the Niva, and the cars of the 2024 model year are to receive it.

Niva Travel, a more modern SUV manufactured since 1998, will also receive the same “newness”. Niva Travel in better equipment versions will also offer cruise control with a speed limiter, an on-board computer or an illuminated instrument panel. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) also returns.

Other changes concern the power unit. After the resumption of production in 2022, the Niva left the production line with an engine that met the Euro 2 emission standard. This came into effect in Europe in 1996. The unit in the rejuvenated Lada meets Euro 5, the 2009 standard.

Said “news” has a negative impact on the price. While the Niva Legend before modernization started at 829,900 rubles (about 205 thousand crowns), now it costs at least 927,500 rubles (roughly 229 thousand crowns. For the more modern Niva Travel, the base price has increased from 1,198,900 rubles (296 thousand crowns) to 1 215,000 rubles (approximately CZK 300,000).

The import of Lada Niva models to the Czech Republic is severely limited, more or less only stock is sold here. Hopes for the resumption of official imports are very weak at the moment for understandable reasons, however, AvtoVAZ, whose income from exports to which it sold at many times higher than domestically, is noticeably missing. We know that they are looking for ways in Turkey that are not unrealistic, but it won’t happen right away.