It used to be said that there are so many Chinese people that they could beat us to death with their hats, but the country of the invention of gunpowder and jiaozi meat dumplings has a slightly different way of doing things, at least when it comes to cars in Europe.

Photo: MG Motor UK

From the rear, you can recognize the modernized car especially by the lights with different graphics and the redesigned bumper.

An example is the MG HS, the Chinese equivalent of the Škoda Karoq, which, when it came to the Czech market, cost 664,000 CZK. After testing the basic and top variants, we concluded that such a car makes sense, but more or less only in the basics, because for 700 thousand or more crowns you could already buy slightly better cars.

It seems, however, that this feeling was felt by more colleagues from more countries, and therefore also clients, so the time has come for relatively substantial discounts, which have practically lasted until now. The basic MG HS before modernization dropped to a promotional price of CZK 579,900, for which you can still buy it now as part of the stock sale.

Photo: MG Motor UK

The front underwent a bigger change with a new mask, bumper and diode lamps.

If you don’t mind waiting for an updated model with a redesigned front and rear, you have the opportunity to save even more, even if you lose front parking sensors, heated seats, electric driver’s seat controls and native navigation from the base. On the other hand, you get front LED lamps, which were not standard before.

All this for a starting (non-promo) 569,900 CZK in the Essential trim, which is a small difference compared to the current special price of the pre-facelifted model, but a big jump compared to the original launch price tag of the MG HS. And since a new base trim level has been added as part of the facelift, all other versions have been overhauled.

In the additional Emotion equipment for CZK 599,900, you will find front parking sensors, heated seats, an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, navigation and tinted rear windows. A step up (Excite) for CZK 649,900 also includes adaptive cruise control, automatic dual-zone climate control and automatic transmission.

Photo: MG Motor

The interior is practically unchanged.

The Elegance specification costs CZK 659,900 and adds a 360-degree camera system, a panoramic sunroof, leather seat upholstery, an electrically adjustable front passenger seat and 18-inch wheels, but air conditioning returns to the equipment, a six-speed manual, standard and non-adaptive cruise control.

The full Exclusive equipment in the automatic for CZK 709,900 then takes back the automatic, dual-zone climate control and adaptive cruise control, and also adds an electrically operated fifth door. After all, you can look at the price list of the current and rejuvenated MG HS model yourself.

Photo: MG Motor Czech

The upper price list is of the current model, the lower one belongs to the modernized one.

The facelift also includes a new metallic paintwork in gray color, while the other colors (blue, silver, black, red, white) remain unchanged, where apart from white, you pay an additional 15,000 CZK for each paint. The drivetrain is also the same, including the front driven axle, which consists of a 162-horsepower turbocharged 15-liter gasoline engine paired with a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

As part of the accessories, there is again the factory Style package for CZK 18,600, which floods the interior with burgundy leather, red decor and velor carpets with red stitching.

The British-Chinese MG thus chose a strategy of attack with a low price, which was additionally supported by a 7-year warranty limited to a mileage of 150,000 km. The Chinese Dongfeng is also trying to follow a similar spirit here, but a much more serious opponent is SsangYong, which is growing and stronger than ever before, but keeps prices affordable. However, the interesting battle is just beginning, the year 2024 will literally be full of new things at MG…