Tesla Cybertruck in Europe? That probably won’t work…

Ever since the launch of the Cybertruck, there has been speculation as to whether it will ever make it to Europe in an official way. A number of interested parties would certainly willingly wait until the American clients are satisfied during the next year, but it is already clear that we can forget about the futuristic pickup.

There is already a package of accessories on the Tesla Cybertruck.  They will make it an expedition special, but the wallet will roar

There are a number of reasons and they all have to do with low potential. In America, around three million pickups are sold annually, while in Europe only around a quarter of a million. The Old Continent also has a different scale in terms of size. A standard Volkswagen Amarok or Toyota Hilux are dwarfed by what’s driving overseas including the Cybertruck.

And then there’s the charging problem. While in the US other manufacturers adopt the North American Charging Standard connector from Tesla, Europe works on CCS2, which is also used by local Tesla superchargers. This would mean both hardware and software changes for European Cybertrucks, which the automakers are not worth bothering with.

Everyone can now have a special delivery for Amazon.  It is huge and you can meet it in Europe as well

However, local legislation has the greatest impact on demand. With a group B driver’s license, we can drive cars with a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tons. But the Cybertruck itself weighs 3.1 tons, to which the payload of 1133 kg must be added. With simple math, you come to the conclusion that you need truck papers to get behind his wheel. And customers won’t be bothered with that.