Assembling LEGO sets is a joy, no matter how much you like it – children and adults alike will have fun doing it. We repeat it often and with pleasure (because we also enjoy building) and this time we will support it with five attractive novelties, brand new building blocks launched on the market in March 2024, which you can look forward to.

The series of small Speed ​​Champions models will grow by three (or four, since there are two models in one of the kits) pieces. The first is the all-new generation of the American muscle icon in its most muscular version yet – Ford Mustang Dark Horse. Its five-liter eight-cylinder engine has an attacking power of five hundred horses!

Photo: LEGO

Do you want a new Mustang Dark Horse at home, but don’t have a spare million? Soon you will have a chance to buy it for a few hundred.

The next kit is a memory of the prematurely deceased showman and steering wheel master Ken Block – it is his last Gymkhana special created in cooperation with Audi. Rubber burning bullet Audi S1 ​​e-tron quattro nicknamed the Hoonitron, it resembles the famous five-cylinder Group B rally special, but the propulsion is provided by electric motors producing a combined 1,400 horsepower. We will soon see what kind of smoke show Ken made with her – for now you can at least take a look at the trailer in our article.

Photo: LEGO

When you film your own Gymkhana at home in your living room, be sure to send it to us.

The latest news from the Speed ​​Champions series is a package of two racing specials from BMW. The first and tamer is the highly successful racer BMW M4 GT3 based on the BMW M4 Competition road fighter, the other is an even faster hybrid pancake BMW M Hybrid V8which raced across the ocean this year, but next year we will be able to watch it in the WEC series endurance racing championship, and thus also in Le Mans.

Speed ​​Champions kits have a preliminary price set at 27 euros, i.e. 650 CZK, the BMW kit with two models should cost 50 euros, i.e. 1,220 CZK.

Photo: LEGO

Two BMW racers at Le Mans next summer and in your living room this spring.

But if the Speed ​​Champions kits are too simple for you, you can go for the more complex and functional LEGO Technic series. The new addition is detailed single-seater Formula E team NEOM McLaren (if you don’t want to wait, the previous generation single-seater of the Porsche team is currently on sale), with which Jack Hughes and René Rast raced around the world this year.

The expected price is 53 euros, equivalent to 1,300 CZK.

Photo: LEGO

The NEOM McLaren Formula E single-seater is really detailed down to the smallest detail, it even has a flywheel so you can race it at home.

The latest news will especially please single-track fans, as it is a superbike Kawasaki Ninja H2R. Those in the know already know, we will tell those less in the know that it is a supercharged liter beast with a brutal power of 310 horsepower (for a weight of only 216 kg) intended only for the truly bravest and most experienced pilots. However, anyone can assemble it safely at home.

The kit should cost 80 euros, i.e. less than 2,000 CZK.

So here you have several reasons to look forward to spring and new, beautiful LEGO sets. This is definitely not a complete list of new products for next year – there will undoubtedly be more beautiful cars (and motorbikes) built from blocks, and we will keep you informed about them.

But if you don’t want to wait, you can choose from the rich current offer. Many stores are also currently offering interesting pre-Christmas discounts on selected sets, so you can easily make yourself and your loved ones happy.

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BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8

Single-seater Formula E team NEOM McLaren

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