Toyota seems to remain the promised land for fun sports cars.

Toyota has taken a conservative approach in the turbulent world of electromobility and has decided to continue down the path of hybrid drives with varying levels of electrification. A wide spectrum of ecological cars enables it to produce fun-to-drive sports cars based on the experience of the Toyota Gazoo Racing team. Toyota will stick to this plan for as long as possible, and will even keep internal combustion engines that will switch from gasoline to hydrogen in the future.

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The automaker knows that pure electromobility cannot be ignored, so it will give us six new models in the next three years. It will not begrudge enthusiastic drivers, which is also confirmed by the FT-Se (Future Toyota Sports electric) concept. We could see it for the first time at the autumn Japan Mobility Show 2023 in Tokyo

With a length of 4380 mm, a width of 1895 mm and a height of only 1220 mm, it maintains extremely compact dimensions. Combined with a low center of gravity, and hopefully reasonable weight, we are looking at a really interesting car to drive. Toyota subordinated the entire drive system, including the battery and comfort elements such as air conditioning, to low weight.

This is how the designer dreamed up the new generation Mazda MX-5.  He used the Iconic SP concept as a basis

Toyota is tight-lipped about the production version, but chairman Akio Toyoda confirmed that such a car is in development, but has not yet been definitively approved. He also revealed that it will have a full-fledged manual transmission, which is adapted to the software of the electric motors and the sound generator. By the way, over-the-air updates are a given.

There is naturally only room for two people in the interior, while all controls are oriented towards the driver. There aren’t many, really just a pair of smartphone-sized touchscreens and then there’s a digital instrument cluster. An interesting feature is the blue soft padding in the footwell, which you can comfortably lean on when going through corners on the circuit.