Parking zones are a profitable business for the municipality, now they will have to pay for cars and supply vans that have been discounted so far.

Deputy Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib presented upcoming changes to the parking system in the Czech capital. One of the novelties is to introduce a city-wide visitor flat rate for visitors to Prague, the price of which will be graded according to the type of specific vehicle – electric cars and hydrogen cars will pay less, fossil fuel cars more. However, these visitor cards will not be issued to vehicles meeting the Euro 5 emission standard and below. It will be possible to use them in all mixed zones.

The riskiest intersection in the Czech Republic can be found in the center of Prague.  In two years, there were 103 accidents on it

At the end of this year, electric cars and plug-in hybrids will also lose their advantage, which until now did not have to pay for parking, which, according to Hřib, was only taken as a temporary measure from the beginning. A new supply permit is to be introduced, both for the supplier and the supplied, with the possibility of parking for 15 or 30 minutes – it should work through the municipality’s application, while ecological cars will receive discounted prices. Portable parking permits will be cancelled, according to Hřib, they have become the subject of speculation, especially in Prague 1.

The controversial ban on entry into the center of Prague angered the management and mayors.  The municipality intervened uncompromisingly

It is not yet clear how the prices will change, residents pay CZK 1,200 per year for the first car and CZK 12,000 for the second. Entrepreneurs pay CZK 36,000, CZK 30,000 or CZK 24,000 per year for parking one car, depending on the specific price range. The municipality is said to subsidize the price of parking by more than 90 percent, and according to Hřib, this is unsustainable in the long term. The proposals will now remind the city districts.