At the end of 2023, the meaning of the phrase “unsuitable car for this or that” will come to mind, especially in combination with the Citroën 2CV and its all-girl crew, which is heading to the Dakar Rally 2024. However, these are not the only daring projects that the Czechs are doing.

Photo: Little one can go anywhere

Did you know that courageous Czechs also travel with little ones?

We also found other daredevils who take care of Polish toddlers, then get into them and go somewhere you wouldn’t really want to go with your brand new SUV. What if something breaks? A blanket and a blanket under the car. Isn’t it a hammer? They will use a stone.

Photo: Radka Chalašová

Repair at the gas station? No problem. Just a few tools.

Years ago, the adventure of Michael Šafra and Radka Chalašová, who, as newcomers to the field of traveling with a baby, went all the way to the mythical Nordkapp briefly flashed through the internet. The car overheated, was angry, didn’t listen, but in the end it more or less stopped. And that counts.

We recently caught the attention of another venture of adventurers Šafr/Chalašová, who teamed up with Vojta Fryč from the project “Maluchem jen kam to gode” and set off in the direction of Romania. Fryč, who started traveling with Maluch already in 2018, gave his entire project, and therefore also the Romanian expedition, the motto “traveling for a beggar”.

Photo: Little one can go anywhere

Also, the motto of the Romanian expedition was to experience as much as possible for as little money as possible.

This means spending as little as possible but experiencing as much as possible. And poor Romania, which with its “wealth” is breathing on the heels of Albania, appeared as another ideal country to visit. However, the country of birth of the popular dacias has changed, which was noticed by the expedition as well.

“I was surprised that since Romania has been in the EU, it has changed tremendously. In the tourist areas, they have beautiful asphalt roads, and against Albania, there are traffic lights and road regulations. Although the locals sometimes went to the store on a horse or donkey, we enjoy it because we don’t see this at home. Romania sometimes lives its own life and nobody is in a hurry,” comments Fryč on behalf of the expedition.

Photo: Little one can go anywhere

Wild horses in nature? Something extremely rare today.

Surely you are interested in the most interesting experience. Imagine driving a ten-kilometer route for two hours through total marshland to set up camp and be woken up in the morning by the sound of wild horses. So sleepy adventurers had these sturdy animals practically at their fingertips. And no, they weren’t dreaming.

Overall, traveling at least opened Fryč’s eyes in terms of not solving unnecessary problems, which is why the expedition also adhered to the motto “when it’s not about life, it’s about…”. On the other hand, we know the crew members a little and they are definitely not strangers to the word bohemian.

Photo: Little one can go anywhere

Vojtěch Fryč (right) and his fellow traveler Michal. They both make ends meet by playing the accordion, which they both say they can’t do.

Toddlers are an expensive sport today

Since our adventurers returned from Romania alive, healthy and whole, we were able to look at the Polish children a bit more comprehensively. The Fiat 126p is a lifestyle, just like the Fiat Multipla.

Photo: Little one can go anywhere

A toddler brings joy and laughter. People also like to take pictures of such expeditions.

First of all, you ask yourself: Why Maluch? Is it such a special car? Maybe that’s why people love him. And not only their crazy drivers, but also their surroundings. Wouldn’t you wave to such a merry party or buy them a beer at the stand? In short, the toddler spreads joy and connects people just like Nokia used to – Connecting People.

Another advantage of the Maluch is that it is a simple vehicle that can usually be fixed with a hammer, improvised means or man’s best friend – duct tape. What you stick with your dog today…

Photo: Radka Chalašová

When everything has failed you, the hammer will help you. True folk wisdom.

If you have at least some technical skill in your veins, it is realistic to generalize your vehicle yourself, except for really specialized tasks such as comparing the cylinder head. Although it costs a lot of time, nerves and neoplasms in the sense of swearing, it can be done.

If you’d like to join the crazy club with little ones, you’ll have to open your wallet a little deeper. Gone are the days when Maluch was traded for a bottle and a ride. Perhaps the ravages of time, perhaps famous travelers like Dan Přibáň, perhaps media coverage of travel books contributed to the fact that mobile pre-renovation pieces, on which there is a lot of work, cost around 40,000 CZK and more.

For better pieces, you can easily pay 85,000 CZK, if not 100,000 CZK. And that’s just a lot of money for a boy’s dream, don’t you think?

Anyway, all the more hats off to the enthusiasts who drive these comical cars around the world for fun and spread laughter and good mood. Because life is not only about Dakar and glory, but also about small joys that you should all enjoy.