Meta’s supervisory board has announced that it will expedite two cases involving the takedown of content on Facebook and Instagram in connection with the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. This is the first time the council has opted for an expedited review, which it does makes it possible to decide on problematic content in 48 hours instead of the usual weeks or months.

The council said it was dealing with two cases (one on Facebook and one on Instagram) that related to wider issues and questions about the ongoing conflict and the role of social media. In both cases, Meta first removed the posts and later reinstated them. The Instagram post depicted “the aftermath of an airstrike on Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.” Meta initially pulled the post, citing its rules against violent content, but after the supervisory board agreed to hear the case, it reinstated the post with a warning to users. The problematic Facebook post was a video of Israeli hostages taken during the October 7 attacks.

The council said in a statement that expects to rule on these cases within 30 days. As in other Oversight Board cases, Meta is required to comply with the board’s decision on whether to allow problematic content to remain on its platform. The Council will also issue recommendations to the company regarding amendments to internal guidelines, but Meta is not obliged to make these changes.