With the new Arkana, Renault mainly dealt with details and equipment. The offer is not wide, but everyone will find something for themselves and get a quality car every time.

The Renault Arkana started the summer with a facelift that focused on technology and new features as the body still looks great. A more modern form of the logo appears on the front, and the top RS Line equipment is replaced by the sporty Esprit Alpine series.

Modernized Arkana has a simple price list. It is available in three trims and the same number of power units. The price starts at 629,000 CZK with the Evolution line. This includes 17-inch wheels, full-LED automatic headlights, a set of safety assistants that prevent collisions and lane departures, as well as rear parking sensors with a camera, automatic air conditioning, infotainment with navigation and white body paint.

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Line Techno adds tinted rear windows, a sports bumper with F1 molding, 18-inch wheels, a 9.3-inch multimedia device and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Driving assistants will please you with blind spot monitoring, traffic monitoring behind the car, semi-automatic handbrake and a choice of Multi-sense modes.

Motorsport inspired Esprit Alpine equipment stands out with black metallic paint at no extra cost, a plaque on the front fender, 19-inch wheels, an F1 gray strip in the front bumper and a rear diffuser in the same color with twin tailpipes. In the interior, the front seats are heated and the steering wheel has leather upholstery. The adaptive cruise control will please you on longer journeys.

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There are not many extras. Five packages offer better heated seats including a steering wheel, a Bose audio system, or more sophisticated infotainment complete with a panoramic camera system and a complete set of sensors. Metallic varnishes cost 18,000 CZK, for special shades you pay 22,000 CZK. A contrasting black roof and mirrors can be added on selected levels. We must not forget the electrically operated sunroof for 25,000 CZK and the spare wheel costs 5,000 CZK.

It is connected to the basic equipment four-cylinder mild-hybrid 1.4 liter with an output of 103 kW with 260 Nm of torque. You can also find it in the middle Techno version, where it is complemented by a full-fledged hybrid with comparable performance. Although you will pay an extra 40,000 CZK for it, you will get a liter less consumption and a quieter ride in the city. The flagship Arkana Esprit Apine also has this hybrid, or mild-hybrid tuned to 116 kW.

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In addition to the listed prices, Renault provides a bonus of CZK 30,000 when buying an existing car and will support you with the same amount when using Renault Easy financing with interest from 0%. The amount of monthly installments is shown in the table. The standard warranty is for 5 years or 100,000 km.

Renault Arkana after facelift: Equipment and Czech prices
Equipment Motor Price (CZK) Financing CZK/month (CZK)
Evolution 140 EDC 629.000 7752
Techno 140 EDC 689.000 8464
Techno E-Tech 145 729.000 7218
Esprit Alpine 160 EDC 795.000 9721
Esprit Alpine E-Tech 145 805.000 7942