It was launched on Tuesday the eighth season of Overwatch 2, but now problems have arisen. Some players complain about performance difficultiesespecially regarding frame rates on the PlayStation 5 console. On Blizzard’s own forums and on Reddit, players are suggesting that even menus are lagging on the console.

“I’m playing on a PS5 with a 120Hz monitor and settings for that performance, but randomly either in battles or respawning and even in the menu, the number of frames per second decreases to single digits to low double digits,” wrote a player who goes by the name Sartell. Others argue that Overwatch 2 is currently unplayable on PS5, with the frame rate dropping below 20 FPS. It seems that the above problem is not so widespread on other platforms.

In the current issue list, which was last updated on Tuesday, Blizzard says it’s looking into reports of performance issues for some platforms. But for now it’s not clear when the fix will happen.

The performance issues are very annoying, especially considering what the game has to offer new character Maung, which is great to play. So PS5 players will probably have to wait for a patch before they can really try out the latest hero. Downloading the PS4 version could also be a solution.