Those who resisted the initial discount now surprisingly earned at least another 20,000 CZK. The Christmas bonus can be even bigger, just choose the right model.

Citroën welcomed the winter in November with big discounts and it seemed that there would be no better opportunity to buy a new Citroën. Paradoxically, in this case, luck smiled on those whose dilemma was not solved even by the discount event, because the French car company is now giving it another Christmas bonus provided until December 16.

The new MG HS has arrived in the Czech Republic and is affordable even without a discount.  It has great equipment and does not lack performance

For example, on a Citroën C3, depending on the equipment, we could save 40 to 50 thousand crowns and another 20,000 CZK when buying an old car. Now Citroën is giving another 20,000 CZK off the price as a Christmas bonus. This means that you only need 309,900 CZK for the basic C3 with metallic paint in sand Sable (free).

You can purchase the C4 model with a gasoline or diesel engine with a promotional discount of 99,000 to 124,000 CZK and a purchase bonus of 30,000 CZK. And the same amount will be discounted by the car company during December. You start at CZK 399,900.

The larger C4 X is only slightly more expensive and starts at CZK 419,900. We get to this amount with a basic discount of 104,000 to 124,000 CZK, a Christmas bonus of 50,000 CZK and a redemption bonus of 30,000 CZK. The same redemption and Christmas bonus applies to the family SUV C5 Aircross. You can have it from 545,000 CZK.

Another available electric car has arrived in the Czech Republic.  Even in the best version, the MG ZS EV can fit under a million

The last car that the event includes is the spacious Berlingo Profi+ with N1 homologation. This means that it is not an electric car, and you can have it with both petrol and diesel engines. After taking into account the redemption and Christmas discount in the amount of 60,000 CZK in total, it is available from 435,000 CZK.

It’s not a problem if you don’t have all the money right away. Citroën has ready financing with interest from 0% and an extended 5-year warranty limited to 60,000 km.