Epic released a brand new mode called Fortnite Festival. It is a space where players can connect and play your favorite songs or you jam together. In the new mode, users have two options, or phases. The main stage is basically a Rock Band experience transformed into Fortnite. With friends you create a band and choose a song to play. You then play the song in a standard music game format where the notes slide down vertical bars and when you reach the bottom edge of the note you press the correct button. Of course, the players can hear the song as they play it. Each performer earns points, which in turn lead to XP and character progression in the wider Fortnite ecosystem.

The jamming stage then allows mixing different parts of popular songs together and watch what comes of it. Just select a song and an instrument and your character will start playing. It’s not the whole song, but rather one particular piece. To build something more complete, you need to work together with other players.

Jamming with other players is incredibly easy. Just walk up to someone who is already playing (indicated by a wavy wheel) and activate your own emote wheel. System automatically mixes two tracks together regardless of genre or style. Instruments can be changed on the fly, and key and tempo can also be adjusted to make a slow song fast or vice versa.

While Fortnite Festival draws heavily from Dropmix and Fuser, it has one major advantage over those two titles that could see it succeed where its predecessors failed: is free. The fact that it’s a music game that anyone can download for free on their PC, console or mobile device without being bombarded with ads means it has the potential to make music games popular again.

Source: engadget.com