How do we know when the world premiere of the five is not scheduled until February 26 and the Geneva Motor Show? We can thank the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which released a series of patent images ahead of time. The car logo is missing on them, but it is not so difficult to recognize which piece it is.

The concept of the modern Renault 5 was first shown two years ago and promised that the final car would retain its inspiration from the original predecessor. And as can be seen from the leaked photos, the French kept their word. The small electric car – the spiritual successor to the Renault Zoe – has compact shapes, sharp features and a familiar nose without a traditional mask. Against the concept, it retains the traditional mirrors, the rear handles are in turn integrated into the triangles behind the side windows.

An unconventional element at the front is also the daytime running lights located in squares on the edges of the bumper (that is, where the standard fog lights are). Since these lights are located quite low, it can be assumed that they will be supplemented by diodes in the main headlights. The charging socket is located in the left front fender, we can also notice the contrasting colored roof and first pillars, as well as the red lines around the side windows.

The new five is supposed to be less than four meters long, so it will be even shorter than the Renault Clio, but perhaps even the competing electric car VW ID.2. The basis will be the CMF-BEV architecture, which shares roughly 70% of the components with the CMF-B platform used by combustion models such as Clio, Captur, but also some Dacia cars.

The electric drive of the Renault 5 should draw energy from a battery with a capacity of 52 kWh, which should enable a range of up to 400 km. It is speculated that the novelty will be driven forward by a single electric motor spinning the front wheels with a power of between 120 and 150 horsepower. There is also a sharp version from the Alpine brand, which should use the technology of the electric Mégane and provide up to 210 horsepower.