A key ring with the logo of a popular car company will certainly please us, but as a Christmas present it seems rather dull. If you are afraid of the approaching Christmas Eve and the still empty chamber in which you hide the gifts (that is, Santa Claus, of course), do not despair. We have prepared a whole constellation of ideas for you, with which you can please the enthusiastic motorist under the tree.

Car battery charger

Perhaps a must-have for every motorist! A charger with a microprocessor and the functions of automatic charging, diagnosis, rescue and maintenance of the car battery will make every motorist happy. Key features? Depending on the connected battery (12V or 24V), the charger recognizes its capacity and calculates the necessary charging parameters. This enables efficient and safe charging. LED indicators show voltage, charging current and charge status.

Photo: Auto Kelly

In addition to its primary function, the charger also displays all important information.Photo: Auto Kelly

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Automotive Lego

A piece of a proper car construction kit will delight not only the little ones, but also the fathers. Lego offers a wide range of car and racing themed kits, in a diverse range of prices. For example, the Huracán Tecnica super sports lambo costs a little over a thousand, the Dakar Audi RS Q e-tron around three thousand, and more demanding builders will surely be thrilled by the iconic Land Rover Classic Defender 90 with a price of around five thousand crowns.

Photo: Lego

Who wouldn’t be happy with such a show under the tree?

Voucher for highway stamp

The highway network is used by the majority of motorists, so a classic self-adhesive highway sign used to be a frequent gift. But what to do today, when we have an electronic highway? Give a voucher that entitles the holder to register an electronic highway sign for free at any time during the next 10 months! It can be purchased at the mtx.cz e-shop for the domestic and foreign highway network.

Photo: MTX.cz

The voucher is an original gift that replaces classic glued highways.Photo: MTX.cz

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Book memories of Dakar

The Dakar Rally and Liaz and Tatra’s first participation, gaining experience in the truck cabin, successes with Karel Loprais, then in Martin Macík’s team and later Buggyra… The book The Long Winding Road by experienced navigator Josef Kalina maps one of the most demanding races in the world, and the engaging reading immediately pulls you into its extreme atmosphere. In bookstores today, you can find a new edition expanded with the narrative of the last journey in 2023.

Photo: Long winding road

Authentic Dakar stories that will move you. This is the last edition of Josef Kalina’s book.

Portable compressor

Sudden loss of pressure or just a preventive check? Whatever the reason you’re removing the valves, a portable air compressor with an accurate digital display is sure to make your life easier. The pocket tire pump has a 6000mAh battery to charge the device and also serves as a flashlight.

Photo: Auto Kelly

You can always carry the portable compressor in your car.Photo: Auto Kelly

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Action at the autodrome in Most

Whether you love the circuit as a driver or just a visitor, you will certainly be interested in the special Christmas packages from the Mostek autodrom. In them you will find, for example, VIP tickets to the Superbike World Championship or the Czech Truck Prix and Nascar, as well as a safe driving course or the opportunity to ride around the circuit in a real racing car!

Photo: Autodrom Most

Sit and go? No problem with the advantageous packages of the Mostec Autodrome. You can find them on the circuit’s official website.

Racing plate

If you’re looking for fun for the whole family, we definitely recommend the board game Heat, which puts you behind the wheel of wild car racing in the 1960s. Her goal is simple: Win the race! Various improvements and expansion of driving skills will help you to do this. The board game is suitable for children aged 10 and over and can occupy one to six players for at least an hour, you also have several circuits to choose from to make each game different.

Foto: Heat

The board game Heat will entertain you (and not only) during long winter evenings.

Car models

The easiest way to buy the car of your dreams at home! Although you won’t show off so much with it on the roads, it will still serve you well even without regular servicing. Car models are becoming more and more popular across generations, and it’s up to you whether you choose a modern car, a racer, or a vintage classic. Today, you can find your own models directly in the e-shops of individual car manufacturers, but also in independent shops.

Photo: Škoda Auto

You can find such a red beauty directly in the official Skoda shop.

ŠKODAteam calendar

The ŠKODAteam wall calendar has a long tradition – the first one was created back in 2006 – and by purchasing it, you will be contributing to the events that this team has been doing for Mladá Boleslav car fans for over twenty years. It’s no different this year with the latest edition of the calendar, which features why motorists love it so much: beautiful girls and classic Škoda cars!

Photo: ŠKODAteam

The ŠKODAteam calendar will be a great decoration for any office or home workshop.


A highway on which cars drive like on ruts? Maybe once. Much more imaginative sets can be purchased today. For example, the Carrera GO track with rally specials, which, in addition to the traditional “asphalt”, also includes an off-road insert or a loop along which the wheels of the cars go uphill! In addition, you can add more cars or turns to the track over time. Believe us, children and dads from all over the street will be entertained for hours.

Photo: GO Race

One of the possible variants of the car track, however, there are also other racers available, including formulas!

Clothes with racing heroes

James Hunt, Niki Lauda, ​​Ayrton Senna… The Race Life e-shop focused on automotive clothing and souvenirs has T-shirts with all these racing heroes in stock. However, you can also find shoes, gloves or backpacks with a gasoline-soaked theme. This will make every motoring enthusiast happy… However, we recommend that you discreetly find out the name of your favorite driver or team in advance.

Foto: Race Life

You can find the collection of t-shirts from the 1921 brand at the Race Life e-shop and you can choose from several racing legends.

Feel free to brag below in the discussion about what car-themed gifts made you (or your loved ones) happy last Christmas. When choosing this year’s ones, we wish you a lucky hand and, above all, a peaceful experience of the Christmas holidays!