With electric cars and a smart home, you will become energy self-sufficient in no time. You can already try it with current Volkswagens.

The Volkswagen ID family of electric cars. becomes part of smart homes. Rather, those that are equipped with solar panels or another alternative source of electricity. For current models equipped with 77kWh batteries after modernization, the automaker is introducing a bidirectional power supply function. The condition is the latest version of the software 3.5, which the newly manufactured cars are already equipped with, existing owners will get the news through an update.

The Mercedes-Benz SL can now also run on electricity.  It has over three hundred horses and can handle 280 kilometers on a charge

The electric car functions as an external energy storage, into which excess energy is supplied, for example from the solar panels, during sunny days. The car’s battery then powers the house in bad weather, but does not let its capacity drop below 20 percent. The smart software also charges the car during favorable tariff times, saving money. The use of the electric car as an external source for households will help to stabilize the distribution network in the future.

Volkswagen is preparing a whirlwind of news.  He will keep normal cars for people, not excluding the legend

Volkswagen is already testing how it will work in practice on a Swedish farm, where electric cars help power the local infrastructure and communicate with a domestic power plant equipped with a central system from Volkswagen HagerEnergy GmbH.