At the Game Awards 2023, Hideo Kojima officially presented his upcoming game, which was first leaked in 2022. Cinematic OD (formerly known as Overdose), previously described as “something no one has ever experienced or seen before”, will feature a collaboration with a horror director and comedian Jordan Peele.

The ninety-third trailer for OD features close-ups of actors reading nursery rhymes and other dialogue. In the closing moments of the clip, you can see the door opening in the reflection of their eyes (the scene is accompanied by a creaking sound that enhances the scary atmosphere). Although the plot line is still a secret, it is clear that the news falls directly into the horror genre.

The title will be issued by the company Xbox Game Studios, which relies heavily on Microsoft cloud technology. Previous leaks have suggested that Death Stranding actress Margaret Qualley will play the main character, although she is not seen in the trailer. But in the trailer we see other actors, among whom he belongs Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer whether Udo Kier.

You can watch the OD trailer below.