Its main part was a minute-long advertising spot in which a group of chefs and confectioners created a cake in the shape of the second generation Škoda Fabia. Life-size and very detailed. The theme of the advertising campaign, which worked with the slogan “The new Fabia: Full of lovely stuff”, in Czech roughly “Nová Fabia: Plná úlenchných séch”, was invented by the Fallon agency.

The important thing is that because of the advertisement, a real cake was created. 16 chefs and pastry chefs took part in its production, and it took them four days to finish the job by attaching the marzipan logo to the sweet hood. Some parts were created separately, such as the engine, wheels or lights. The size and proportions corresponded to the real Fabia.

For production, the team used 180 eggs, 100 kilograms of plain flour, 100 kg of powdered sugar, 30 kg of almonds, 65 kg of dried fruit, 10 kg of white chocolate, 3 kg of orange peel and 5 kg of cocoa powder.

Advertising in 2007 allegedly cost the British Škoda dealership about half a million pounds, which was 20 million crowns at the time. Today, this amount would correspond to roughly 800,000. pounds, that is, according to the current exchange rate, approximately 22.7 million crowns.

The fate of the sweet Skoda is also interesting. The agency’s original plan was for the cake to be cut and distributed to schools, charities or hospitals. In the end, the car ended up in the compost. The creators realized that giving away food that had been exposed to the heat of the studio spotlight for several days was not a good idea.

Anyway, the unusual ad was a success. Thanks to her, some 37,000 people visited a special website dedicated to the new Fabia in two weeks. The clip also went viral on the internet.

And the spot also collected awards, for example it was successful in the British Television Advertising Craft Awards and Creative Circle Awards, but above all it won the Golden Lion from the international advertising festival in Cannes.