The cooperation between the Japanese and French automakers continues. We will see further results in 2025.

Within two years we will see another Mitsubishi model with technology from Renault, or its electric division Ampere. It is supposed to be a compact battery-powered SUV, which will be joined by another car, probably with an internal combustion engine.

“The electric SUV is to become a key pillar of our model range,” Mitsubishi Europe’s head of marketing, Alex Thomas, told Automotive News Europe. “Our strategy is to focus on key segments in Europe,” he added in reference to the popularity of compact SUVs.

The new Mitsubishi Colt is official: it ended the 10-year hiatus with one squeal.  It has never been more modern

Mitsubishi presents a taste of its new product in a profile photo – you can’t help but notice a certain similarity with the Renault Scenic E-Tech. However, it is clear that the car will stand on the alliance’s CMF-EV platform, recently renamed AmpR Medium. Next year, we can look forward to the new Outlander with a plug-in hybrid drive.

Currently, Mitsubishi has two Renault-based models in its offer – the ASX modeled after the Captura and the Colt, which uses Clio technology. The advantage of this collaboration is half the cost of development, as stated by Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo. Especially in the European market, where the Japanese brand has not been doing very well recently, the use of Renault technology allows it to remain competitive.