Dozens of vehicles that have appeared in the Bond films are on display. In addition to cars, people will also see boats, motorcycles, helicopters, airplanes or various equipment. The installation also includes scale models that were used during filming to create special effects for some action scenes or stunts. For example, the mountain cable car from the movie Moonraker.

At the exhibition, those interested will also see the Aston Martin DB5 from the Bond film No Time to Die from 2021 or the Aston Martin V8 from the film Breath of Life from 1987. According to the organizers, the scenes on the frozen lake in Austria were so demanding for the Aston Martin V8 that two real ones were needed vehicles and five mock-ups of them. The consumption of spare parts during filming was so great that the Aston Martin factory ran out of bumpers and windshields. Visitors can also look forward to the real Aston Martin DBS from the 2006 movie Casino Royale, which was filmed in the Czech Republic.

There are a lot of beautiful Astons at the exhibition, but the most interesting one, in our opinion, is the aforementioned DB5 model from the movie No Time to Die. The organizers brought a piece that was already significantly damaged by the shooting, which can also spin on the screen, similar to the famous scene from the latest Bond movie. Machine guns are naturally sticking out of his front headlights during this pirouette. And they turn too… as if one were running away from an enraged aston.

Photo: Bond in Motion

The DB5, already damaged by gunfire, can spin nicely on a special platform. Unexpectedly fast!

All exhibited pieces are originals. According to the promoter of the exhibition, Nicolas Borenstein, it took a year to prepare the exhibition. People will find the exhibition in two Křižík pavilions connected by a glass tunnel. It is divided into parts inspired by the four elements, i.e. water, air, fire and earth.

Interested parties could already see the exhibition in Brussels, where, according to the organizers, over 100,000 people visited it. Bond in Motion also visited America, Great Britain and the United Arab Emirates.

Photo: Bond in Motion

Of course, James Bond cars hide all kinds of extra equipment.

Tickets are cheaper during the week, it is only closed on Mondays. On weekdays, adults pay 445 CZK, pensioners save 100 CZK. A child’s ticket (from six to fourteen years old) costs 245 CZK, a student ticket is 100 CZK more expensive. The organizers have also prepared a family entrance fee for 995 CZK, on ​​the weekend prepare 1,245 CZK. Other tickets are also more expensive on the weekend, by tens of crowns. You can buy tickets online or directly on the spot, but be careful – the tickets are valid for a specific time, the organizers have calculated the duration of the visit as roughly one hour. You should arrive at the Exhibition Grounds about ten minutes before the start of your term, if you are late by an academic quarter of an hour, you will no longer be allowed to see Bond. The exhibition will last until the end of January.

The tickets are also raffles and the prices look very good! Probably the most attractive are two VIP tickets to the paddock for the F1 Grand Prix in Austria, it will be a very nice weekend… There is also a motorcycle from Triumph and a tour of the English factory of this motorcycle manufacturer, and five weekend stays for two at the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary will surely make you happy Cook. Sure, this is where Casino Royale was filmed after all!