Electronic highway signs arrived at the end of 2020 and gained popularity quite quickly. Why not, when since then the purchase of a stamp could be solved with a few taps on the mobile phone, instead of going around gas stations and hearing the obligatory sentences “we don’t have ten-day stamps”, “we’ve run out of stamps”, “they didn’t deliver it” and the like.

The announced price adjustment of highway stamps, which also includes an increase in the price of an annual stamp from CZK 1,500 to CZK 2,300, will not come into effect until March 1, 2024. And thanks to the fact that an annual stamp is valid for one year from the date of purchase, you have the option save on the annual ticket. How?

The first way is to buy an annual stamp for CZK 1,500 at the end of 2023 and postpone its validity for up to 3 months. So if you buy an annual vignette today and postpone it for a quarter of a year, it will start to be valid from March 10, 2024 and will be valid for the whole year, i.e. until March 9, 2025.

The second option is to leave the purchase until February 29, 2024, i.e. the last day before the increase in price. Be careful, however, after January 2024 it will only be possible to postpone the validity of the stamp by 30 days, and not by 3 months.

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You can save 800 CZK on the annual stamp by purchasing it at the right time and postponing its validity.

This means that if you buy a stamp on February 29, 2024 and postpone its validity for 30 days, it will not be valid until April 1, 2024. And since it is valid for one year, from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025, you are covered for 1,500 CZK.

If you currently have a highway stamp for one license plate, and the validity of the stamps would be covered when you buy a new one, including postponing its validity, that’s fine. You can have more than one active stamp per registration mark.

Only electricity and motorbikes are free

From March 2024, there will also be changes in the area of ​​free use of motorways. Until now, electric cars, hydrogen cars and plug-in hybrids had up to 50 g of CO2 per km of highway completely free of charge, however, this changes from the mentioned date.

Only cars with zero CO emissions will be able to use the highways free of charge2, i.e. pure electric cars and hydrogen cars (and also motorcycles regardless of drive), historic vehicles, selected transport vehicles, ZTP or ZTP/P license holders. Plug-in hybrids with CO toxicity2 up to 50 g per km will be about a quarter of the price.

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Complete table of highway stamp prices for 2024, valid from 1/3/2024.

The approximately 50% discount on the prices of all brands will continue to apply to cars powered by biomethane or natural gas (CNG, LNG) even in combination with other fuel. This does not apply to LPG cars.

There will also be a one-day highway stamp, for which motorists will pay CZK 200, or even less if they drive a vehicle that is subject to a discount. Attention, a one-day motorway stamp will not be valid for 24 hours, but will only be valid until midnight of the day on which it was purchased.

The specific price adjustment was carried out in accordance with European legislation, however, it could have been worse, as the National Economic Council of the Government proposed to increase the price of the annual vignette, which has not changed since 2012, to CZK 3,000. However, the Ministry of Transport did not accept this. On the other hand, there is a risk that we will reach this amount in the future, because the prices of highway stamps, rounded to whole hundred crowns, will be valued according to the development of inflation.