Ken Block enthusiasts have the chance to enter the world of rallying with a professionally prepared Impreza. It was originally written off.

If you’ve decided to go to the rally series next year and you’re looking for a car, the auction portal Bring a Trailer has a proven piece. Even if you don’t want to crash it in a sharp turn. It has considerable collector value as it belonged to the late Ken Block.

What you may not know about Ken Block: The American skateboarder, competitor and entrepreneur defined an entire generation of enthusiasts

The Impreza was built for him by Vermont SportsCar specialists in 2006, and Ken drove it for the first time in the X Games rally series, where he finished third with Alex Gelsomin. In the following season, he improved by one more place and in 2009 he sold Subaru to Mark Fox, a competitor from the same industry. This particular piece was ideal for conversion to a racing special, as it was affected by the floods (total shame) in 2005 and so it didn’t matter that most of the original equipment went out. The car comes with Oregon documents and a racing specification book signed by Alex Gelsomin. The interior features the signatures of Ken Block and Travis Pastrana.

Ken Block was tragically killed in a snowmobile accident.  The legendary driver was 55 years old

The Impreza first entered the X Games series in the traditional blue-yellow colors, but later received a black Monster coat. The exterior is completed by additional PIAA lights, front and rear racing bumpers, a hood with a central intake and another “periscope” can be found on the roof. The pair of spoilers on the rear cannot be neglected either.

The 15-inch wheels come from Speedline Corsea and wear 215/65 BFGoodrich g-force tires. AP brake discs with four-piston calipers and Ferodo pads shine through. Notable features include an Öhlins chassis, 20mm anti-roll bars and a 2.5:1 steering rack.

Lia Block moves into a Subaru in her father's original colors.  At the age of 16, her career is well underway!

A flat four-cylinder two-liter engine is cooled by a SPAL fan, a GReddy aluminum radiator and a front intercooler. Servicing is facilitated by a quick-release 3-inch exhaust system. The oil was changed in September. Power is sent to both axles via a KAPS five-speed manual. The Cusco front and rear differential helps maintain traction.

The interior takes you into the racing world with Recaro shells, Sparco steering wheel and roll cage. On the dashboard there is a tachometer calibrated from 8000 rpm, additional alarms for oil pressure and richness of the mixture. There is also a digital display, a GReddy pressure regulator and a DCCD control panel.

The current bid amounts to CZK 1,049,000 in conversion.

Subaru Impreza

There are plenty of more dynamic, more comfortable, more practical and definitely nicer cars in the lower middle class. However, fans swear by the Impreza for its longitudinally mounted “boxer” engine, symmetrical all-wheel drive and famous sovereignty on Czech roads.

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