For drivers in mountainous areas, the new type of skid chains would save a lot of work.

We recently had a post here on the subject of snow chains and the painstaking putting on or taking them off with fragile fingers. It almost seems that Hyundai and Kia read it and suddenly responded with a patent for a much more comfortable way to fight snow and ice.

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How would you like to increase your traction on an icy surface at the touch of a button? Both brands come with “snow chains” integrated directly into the wheel. Basically, it is the principle of today’s plastic straps, which are put on the bike one at a time. Around the circumference of the wheel are six modules made of alloy with shape memory, the extension and insertion of which is controlled electrically after sending an impulse, for example by activating the winter driving mode.

The wires slide out of the radial grooves and shield the increased traction. If they are no longer needed, they are electrically inserted into the channels again. This means that they do not restrict driving on smooth asphalt in any way. In the case of natural tire wear, the driver is warned before the tire wears down, except for retractable models.

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The idea is currently in the form of a patent filed at an office in South Korea. Brands are exploring compliance with legislation and the viability of mass production.