What to do with Christmas? Even though we all know that the meaning of these holidays should be about something else, we can’t help but fall into a shopping mania. But gifts are also chosen by those who follow the tradition of only one symbolic gift for everyone. If you have a car enthusiast at home, it’s much easier for you, because you can always choose a nice gift with a motoring theme. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a gift for a little boy, an active driver or a pensioner who still remembers Spartak.

But where to get such things? You don’t have to look for “fake” accessories with the logo of that car company in various cheap stores. Brands have understood that people don’t just want to spend on cars and that they also want to enjoy accessories, be it clothes or other toys. You can shop in brand showrooms, but also modernly directly on the Internet via the brand e-shop. And don’t think that this is just some marginal segment. For manufacturers, official merchandising has a financial benefit. For example, such a Ferrari makes more money on the sale of official branded accessories than on the sale of cars!

Some small things cost even a quarter of a million

You can find official “merch” in the offer of all brands from the cheapest to the premium ones. Especially for those, because who wouldn’t like an elegant Porsche Design writing pen for twelve or even twenty-four thousand or, for example, a stylish soundbar with surround sound made from the exhaust of a Porsche 911 for more than two hundred thousand?

Photo: Porsche Design

Would you like a watch from Porsche Design for 223,000 CZK, a fountain pen for 24,000 CZK or a wall-mounted soundbar from a 911 exhaust for 216,000 CZK? But you can get much more affordable accessories from the same brand. These are rather curious price extremes.

Those who don’t want to spend so much can choose from the clothing menu. They have a lot of branded t-shirts, caps, jackets, gloves, shoes and socks everywhere. If the car company also extends to motorsport, the catalog will grow by several more pages. You really have a lot to choose from.

Those interested in such a classic gift for the wardrobe will certainly be pleased that the vast majority of manufacturers keep quite reasonable prices, which are not that different from the offer in ordinary stores. Want an example? Not even the already mentioned Ferrari, which is famous for its self-confident pricing policy, will pay more than two thousand for a branded F1 team cap in a limited edition.

Photo: archive garaz.cz

In addition to the classics, such as branded caps and T-shirts, you can also have such cute little things as bibs for the little ones. For spendthrift addicts, this is a must-have.

Almost every car manufacturer also sells small decorations, most often in the form of various key chains. But you can also get stickers, logos, and even official tuning (or rather styling) accessories. You can, for example, spend all kinds of M logos and stickers at BMW to make the recipient’s 320d drive even “sportier”, but you can also buy accessories that have a function and will really be useful.

Practical things are also pleasing

Dads in particular like to use Christmas to give themselves some attractive element from original car accessories under the pretext that it is a great gift for the whole family. A set of nineteen-inch wheels on an Octavia RS will probably be difficult for dad to defend, but a set of chains is possible for a car. “The children want to go to the mountains, so let’s go there!” But even such a practically large roof box with a volume of 512 liters will certainly be used by the whole family, and not only in winter.

Photo: Škoda Auto

You can also make yourself happy with original practical accessories that the whole family will surely appreciate, if you are going to the mountains, for example. Do you want a proper ski rack, a large roof box or high-quality snow chains? Just a few clicks and in a few days you have it at home (or directly on your car).

As the SUV and crossover category became popular, automakers also began to offer goods for leisure outdoor activities. In the offers of branded e-shops, you will find, in addition to classic clothes, really useful and practical things for camping, for example. From tents to various inflatable mattresses and useful little things (flashlights, lighters, backpacks and bags) to camping chairs. Don’t tell us that a practical folding grill will not please everyone who likes to go camping in nature.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Don’t say that a camping enthusiast won’t be happy with such a nice folding grill. Yes, even such things can be found in the official range of car manufacturers’ accessories today.

If you don’t like to buy big things and clothes, then there are absolutely classic gifts in the form of model cars. And it must be said that some car manufacturers have their official models really beautifully crafted. It only depends on your budget, how much you want to invest in your beloved collector. The original Ferrari 156F1 model from the limited edition with a price of almost half a million crowns is probably not for everyone.

Photo: archive garaz.cz

While at Ferrari, for example, you can spend amounts like 21,000 dollars for elaborate collector’s models of famous racing cars (of course, the Italian brand also sells car models at “normal” prices), elsewhere you can buy such curiosities as a deliberately dusty model of the WRC special for a few hundred crowns.

Fortunately, there is no need to spend so much and other brands also have really nice models of their cars. For all of them, let’s mention the nice 1:43 metal models from the Škoda e-shop, in which, in addition to current cars or models from the recent past, you can also find classic cars, such as the Embéčka, the “twelve setstrojky”, and even pre-war models. And who wouldn’t like a great red “erko” in a scale of 1:18? Also of interest is the “dirty” Subaru WRX STI stretch model recalling Petter Solberg and his racing car from 2007.

Photo: Škoda Auto

The Škoda car manufacturer sells really well-made car models on its official e-shop. You can also have this beautiful “erko” in a larger scale of 1:18, but the offer also includes classic 1:43 models of practically all current and historical cars of the domestic brand.

But joy can also be made by many other useful little things, such as a power bank with wireless charging, or perhaps a high-quality front and rear LED light with a long lifespan for a bicycle.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Practical things for everyday life, for example a power bank with wireless charging, a sports bag or even a “flash drive” supporting both USB-A and USB-C standards, will definitely make you happy.

As you can see, the offer is really huge and you can choose from a countless number of little things and useful things. Branded car e-shops work practically the same as any other that you normally shop at. You choose, order, pay in advance or upon collection. For example, Škoda offers free delivery to its showrooms and service centers, so if you have an appointment for a car inspection, you can combine it and pick up your items there. And possibly buy more on the spot, because sellers tend to have enough in stock right in the store.