The Citroën Berlingo family MPV has long been the carmaker’s sales force. This standard wavered on the Czech market only when the French decided to sell the car exclusively with an electric drive. However, they quickly understood that the road did not lead this way (yet) and, with a clever trick, they returned combustion engines to the Berlingo offer. This should also apply to the rejuvenated design that is being presented to the world right now.

You will recognize it immediately against its predecessor. The modernized Berlingo gets a redesigned nose that adopts the brand’s new visual identity. You can recognize it mainly by the extravagant headlights, but also by the company’s new oval logo. There are sixteen to seventeen inch wheels to choose from, the higher equipment level also has roof racks.

The interior has also been redesigned with a completely new instrument panel, a ten-inch high-resolution touchscreen in the middle and, last but not least, a new, optionally heated steering wheel with a flattened bottom. Advanced Comfort seats with sophisticated architecture, high-quality foam and side supports will provide even greater comfort on the road to the front passengers.

Photo: Citroën

The dominant feature of the rejuvenated cabin is a more modern multimedia screen with new functions.

Practicality and variability remain at the level of the predecessor, which is only good! There is a large Top Box compartment in the upper part in front of the passenger, and there is also a multifunctional Modutop transport system with a rear roof box. In total, the car has 27 storage compartments with a total volume of up to 186 liters. If you only want to load small items into the trunk, you can only open the rear window. The volume of the trunk varies from 775 to 4000 liters depending on the version!

The Berlingo is available in M ​​(length 440 cm) and XL (475 cm) versions. In both cases, it has three separate seats in the back, which are sliding and folding. The electric version can have two more seats in the third row. And when you fold down the passenger seat, you can load objects up to 270 or 305 centimeters long into the car.

Photo: Citroën

Three individual seats in the second row are extremely practical, yet fewer and fewer cars offer them these days.

An army of security systems and assistance assistants awaits the crew. A total of 18 technological functions include, for example, adaptive cruise control, twelve parking sensors or a rear parking camera that projects the image onto the display inside in high resolution. In the electric version, the e-Routes application comes in handy, which works with current data and, based on it, informs you about traffic and the nearest charging stations.

The electric Berlingo has a power of 100 kW and mainly a battery with a capacity of 50 kWh. It promises a range of up to 320 kilometers, which is twenty percent more than before. The battery can be charged with a power of up to 100 kW, from zero to eighty percent it takes about half an hour. The Berlingo can also be equipped with a completely new heat pump, but for which there is an additional charge.

The battery version is the only engine that is officially offered on the European market. Outside of our continent, the PureTech 1200 petrol and mainly the BlueHDi turbodiesel are available. However, these engines should continue to be ordered from us thanks to the homologation of the car in the N1 category, which has practically zero effect on its use.