And to be honest, I wasn’t even sure when the new Panamera was shown live in Prague. The curtain went up and behind it appeared a familiar silhouette, a very familiar rear and a slightly different front. The Panamera is still an impressive car, nothing has changed about that, but the novelty is more like a facelift than a brand new generation.

Technically, the Panamera has advanced significantly. For example, the front headlights – although they are not striking in shape, they can hide HD Matrix LED technology with high resolution. Each such headlight has 32,000 pixels, can illuminate individual traffic lanes and “see” up to 600 meters away.

And now on purpose. Let’s have another guess. How much do these fancy headlights cost? Traditional space for your answers… do you have? So, the super bright HD Matrix LED headlights cost sixty thousand according to the already launched configurator. Did you guess more too? The Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid then has them at its core.

The most interesting new technical contribution can be found on the chassis. The whole thing is called Active Ride, such a chassis then works with active (who would have thought…) shock absorbers connected to an electric pump. What the equipped Panamera can do is best shown in the video below.

Of course, this is a show that the customer’s Panamera will not be able to do. That is, it is a demo mode, so the four-door Porsche will dance nicely for you at the dealer, but you cannot activate such a mode in normal operation. At the same time, in Pařížská you would find…

Well, nothing, what will Active Ride mean in practice? The video above is funny, but actually very aptly demonstrates the chassis’ capabilities – each wheel/damper can move very quickly independently of the others, which you can use on bumps, in corners, during acceleration/deceleration… this way you can brake into a corner without the nose dipping, you make a turn and the body does not lean, you hit a pothole in a curve and the wheel reacts in a flash, on the exit the nose with the gas on the floor does not lift. It almost sounds like magic, I’m very curious how the approaching limit will be estimated with such a constantly neutral car. We’ll see, but I’d be very surprised if Porsche came up with something weird to drive. This brand can basically turn an SUV into a sports car (until now I didn’t understand how incredibly the second generation Cayenne GTS worked), so let’s trust Porsche in this case as well.

Photo: Porsche

Even the rear does not differ dramatically from its predecessor.

Of course, I had to sit behind the wheel at the Prague premiere. This is an experience in practically every non-SUV Porsche (you sit higher in the Cayenne and Macan after all), perhaps no one has mastered the ergonomics of seating as perfectly as Porsche. Everything is right here, every single instruction is fulfilled to the letter – it sits low, the steering wheel is round (this is starting to be an exception these days) and at an exact angle to the body. In short, I once again sat perfectly after some time. And he sighed again why he is unfortunately unique in this Porsche. Well, if I’m being cynical, the vast majority of “drivers” don’t care anyway, you just have to look around you on the way home to see how terribly everyone else “sits”. Such nerds would definitely be able to come up with something even with a model sitting in a Porsche, I have no doubt.

Photo: Porsche

All other manufacturers please look at this steering wheel. It’s round!!!

As the latest Porsche model, the Panamera has undergone further digitalization expansion, inside I came across a few orphaned buttons, otherwise everything is touched, displayed… Fortunately, you can still configure five classic “alarm clocks” on the screen under the steering wheel, so be it! However, the passenger can already have his own display with a diagonal of less than eleven inches, we know this solution from the Cayenne. Such is the time.

One more thing froze me. I understand that a classic switch box would be nonsense these days, but in recent years Porsche left at least a plastic molding that resembled an inserted key in the traditional place on the left under the steering wheel. Now? Just a button. Fortunately, it stayed put. And by the way, you can configure the key to your liking. This is what Porsche emphasizes a lot about the new Panamera, the significantly expanded options for individualizing practically everything.

You can already order the new Panamera, there are currently two versions in the offer – the basic Panamera received a six-cylinder with a volume of 2.9 liters and an output of 260 kW, the opposite is the Turbo E-Hybrid version with a system output equal to 500 kW. The price also proves that it is an unadulterated counterpart. The Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid is more than two million more expensive (prepare at least CZK 4,988,286, the basic Panamera costs CZK 2,786,116, and you will pay CZK 2,891,386 for a four-wheeler).

Such a spread quite logically suggests that more versions are on the way. At the moment, two are confirmed, which will be wedged between the Panamaru and the Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid. And we heard something about another and even more powerful variant… We are looking forward to it!