This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Audi’s connection to ballistic protection. The manufacturer itself offers the A8 L Security model, which at first glance looks like a stock car, but protects the crew against sniper rifles or a chemical attack. It even has a fire extinguishing system with nozzles on the chassis or near the fuel tank. But such a car weighs almost 3.9 tons and most importantly costs over twenty million crowns. What if you want to increase safety, but with a minimal increase in weight and most importantly for more reasonable money? There is a solution.

The domestic Audi representative has entered into cooperation with the Přelúč company SVOS, specialists in ballistic protection of almost all kinds. The component armouring, which was introduced to us on the modified Audi Q7, increases the operating weight of the car by only seventy kilograms, yet it protects against fire from a 9mm pistol.

This modification does not require intervention in the internal structure of the car, in fact you will recognize it only after a really careful examination. The side windows are thicker (14 mm instead of the original 6 mm), have a more pronounced black frame and cannot be lowered at the back. In theory, it would be possible, but only with a deeper intervention in the car’s design. The protective front glass then lacks a reflective layer for the correct projection of data from the head-up display, which is now replaced by a piece of dark foil. However, SVOS is already working on a more elegant solution.

Photo: Audi

The window is damaged by a nine-millimeter caliber shot, but the bullet does not pass through.

However, not only the windows are protected, the door panels are also equipped with composite panels. The rear window is bulletproof, the rest of the trunk lid remains unchanged. Even the rear seats are protected by composite filling, but this does not restrict you in any way in everyday life – there is nothing to see under the upholstery and the bench can be folded down like in a production car.

Installation of the modification takes two to three weeks, and in addition to its inconspicuousness, the possibility of disassembly is also an advantage. So when you are going to sell an armored Q7 (or any other Audi with fixed window frames), SVOS will remove the protection from you at the service center and return the car to stock condition.

And the price? Approximately 750,000 CZK without VAT. At first glance, this is not a lot of money, but given the level of protection, such an investment can pay off for many. Are you interested? There are two options – contact the nearest Audi dealership and they will arrange for the modification of the car, or contact SVOS directly, which will solve everything (including the purchase of the car) for you. And don’t worry, you won’t lose the factory warranty, the Přelúč company covers it for all modified components and parts of the car.