Are you also looking forward to corkscrews announcing the arrival of 2024? A number of legislative changes in the Road Act will come into effect, including new traffic signs. Specifically, it concerns, for example, new shared zones or the P+D parking lot, which we will take a closer look at.

Photo: Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

The P+D locations will be marked with IP 13f.

You probably know the parking lots marked K+R, which means Kiss and Ride. This parking lot is intended for short stopping or waiting of vehicles, for loading and unloading of people who continue by public transport. Quite often, standing here is limited by an additional table in the order of minutes.

P+R, i.e. Park and Ride, is equally well known. You can typically find such parking on the outskirts of Prague, for example on Černý Most. Parking here is intended for everyone who arrives at the site, parks and continues by public transport. If the place is marked P+G (Park and Go), i.e. park and go, the car crew continues on foot.

P+D (Park and Drive) or park and drive is the designation of a new type of parking lot intended for parking vehicles whose drivers will continue to the city center as passengers in another vehicle. Parking lots can also contain charging stations for electric cars, or racks for storing bicycles.


In the Czech Republic, a usability study was carried out, which was ordered by the ŘSD, and suitable locations are selected, most often at motorway interchanges within a distance of approximately 50 km from Prague.

Unlike existing parking lots of the P+R or K+R type, there is no change in the type of transport, but only the transfer of more people to another vehicle. The places will be marked with the IP 13f mark, i.e. rectangular shape, blue and white background, letters P+D in black.

Parking lots of the P+D type are successfully operated today in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France or the Netherlands. It will appear in the Czech Republic for the first time in 2024. And where will we be able to find such a parking lot? Locations with a view similar to the vicinity of the exit from the D1 highway in the area of ​​Velké Popovice, i.e. near highway interchanges at a distance of some 50 km from Prague.