Tesla started a price war a year ago, which the competition had to join willy-nilly. As a result, electric cars are becoming more affordable. Not yet in the sense of “an electric car for every family”, but it is also no longer an unattainable castle in the air.

This is confirmed by Renault, which is currently launching its hot new product – the electric Scenic E-Tech. The well-known name no longer hides an unexpectedly spacious and amazingly versatile MPV, but a hatchback with a twist in crossover style, which can easily play the role of a family car. Think of it as Megan’s bigger brother: With a length of almost 4.5 meters, it provides enough living space for four adults, and the trunk has a volume of a solid 545 liters (the rear backrests fold down in the ratio 40 : 20 : 40).

Photo: Renault

Scenic for the modern era: It’s still a family car, but it’s no longer an MPV and runs on electricity instead of petrol or diesel.

The drive is now only electric, the front wheels are driven by a 220 hp electric motor, which draws energy from a battery hidden in the floor. Compared to the Megane, it has a larger usable capacity (87 kWh instead of 60 kWh), so the Scenic can travel up to 625 km on a single charge (you can then charge it with 150 kW DC or 22 kW AC). You can read more about its technology and other gadgets in our big presentation.

Photo: Renault

The interior combines two displays arranged in the shape of the letter “L”, the Google infotainment offers a number of popular applications that you know from your phone.

But now to the most important thing: the price list. Scenic in the basic Evolution equipment starts at a very attractive amount of CZK 1,085,000. For your money, you get, for example, dual-zone air conditioning, keyless entry, a 12.3″ instrument panel and 9″ infotainment openR Link based on Android with 6 speakers, rear parking sensors and a camera, 19″ alloy wheels, a heat pump and much more.

Renault Scenic E-Tech Evolution Techno Iconic
Cena 1,085,000 CZK 1,150,000 CZK 1,230,000 CZK

For 65,000 more, the higher Techno equipment will offer you, for example, front, side and rear parking sensors, a smart rear armrest, an electric trunk lid, 12″ infotainment with navigation and inductive phone charging.

The top-of-the-range Iconic costs another 80,000 more, but you also get heated seats and a steering wheel, an electrically controlled driver’s seat, a Harman Kardon audio system with 9 speakers, 20″ alloy wheels or a package of driving assistants. If you’re interested in this offer, you can run right away sign a pre-order at the dealer, then you will receive your car at the turn of spring and summer 2024, when the first test cars will also be available.

In order for the new Scenic, with its aggressive pricing policy, not to get in the way of the Megane, its price list has undergone a drastic discount. Instead of the sum of 1.2 million, it starts at the level of 990,000 CZK for the Techno equipment, while the higher Iconic equipment costs 1,065,000 CZK.

Renault Megane E-Tech Techno Iconic
Old price 1,205,000 CZK 1,280,000 CZK
NEW PRICE 990,000 CZK 1,065,000 CZK
Discount 215,000 CZK 215,000 CZK

In this way, Renault responds not only to Tesla with the Model 3 (range 513 km, basic price CZK 1,053,990), but also to Volkswagen or Toyota, both manufacturers can offer their similarly sized models ID.3 and bZ4X for as little as one million crowns.