Tesla has shown the latest version of its Optimus robot. In the new video, it seems that the second generation humanoid machine is more agile than its predecessoreven if it will take some time before it becomes the ideal household helper.

While the previous version of the Optima had problems walking during the live demo, the latest model can move quite gracefully, and is said to be 30 percent faster. The second-generation Optimus has an overall sleeker design, and Tesla says that it was possible to reduce the weight of the robot by 10 kilograms, without any loss of functionality. The company claims that this model has better balance and full body control. The best upgrades then include the hands when Optimus can manipulate objects much more delicatelyas seen in the video below the article where Optimus lifts and gently places the egg.

While the robot’s mechanics look far more impressive than its predecessor, it’s only one piece of the puzzle, he points out Electrek. If the robot is to be used in the real world as a “general-purpose bipedal humanoid robot capable of performing dangerous, repetitive, or boring tasks” (which Tesla is aiming for), it will need to have robust artificial intelligence that allows it to work safely and autonomously.

This will probably become a reality only in many years, when it can be recalled that Tesla also has problems with artificial intelligence functions in its cars. The company just recalled almost all the cars it delivered to the US to fix problems with the Autopilot system.

Source: engadget.com