Twitch has simplified its confusing guidelines regarding sexual content after a creator was allowed to appear at the top without in a stream posted on the website. This has led viewers to wonder what kind of content can actually appear on live streams and what they can ban you for. Based on user feedback, Twitch merged two separate sections regarding sexual content and specified that some materials that were previously prohibited are now allowed on the platform if properly labeled.

These include content that “deliberately accentuates the bust, buttocks and pelvic area” if the character is fully clothed (which previously caused female-presenting streamers to often be penalized disproportionately). The website also now allows streams to display drawn, animated or modeled breasts, genitalia or buttocks that are fully exposed. However, fictional sex acts and masturbation are still prohibited. Videos that show are now also allowed inscriptions on a woman’s bust and buttocksand the videos they contain striptease dances.

In addition to clarifying its policy regarding sexual content, Twitch also changed its homepage algorithm so that no longer will not recommend content that is labeled as involving drugs, drunkenness, excessive tobacco use, violence, gambling, and sexual motifs. Twitch explained that while viewers had to intentionally click on videos on the homepage to watch them, parts of streams with that theme were still visible to those who might be uncomfortable watching them because of the thumbnails. Now viewers have to explicitly search for videos with this theme.