According to the latest reports, Google is building a new, more sophisticated AI assistant for Android called Pixiewhich has to debut with the Pixel 9 phone. It will be based on a new major language model Gemini (LLM) of the company and will be able to perform complex and multimodal taskssuch as providing directions to the nearest store where you can buy the product you took a picture of with your smartphone.

An assistant will be determined exclusively for Google Pixel devices and will be to use data from Google products, such as Gmail or Maps. That means it could eventually evolve into a much better version of Google Assistant.

If the reports are accurate, it appears that Google is making significant changes to its AI plans to keep rival OpenAI in its sights. Google only revealed its artificial intelligence last week Gemini as a response to GPT-4 and marked it as the most capable model ever created. He also announced that Gemini will be coming to Android through a new product called Nano, which will give the phone the ability to perform complex tasks.

To recall, Gemini was launched last week as an integrated multi-modal AI, which is said to enable it to seamlessly understand and reason about all kinds of inputs from the ground up, much better than existing multi-modal models. Because Pixie uses Gemini technology, it could be a a much more sophisticated personal assistant than, for example, Google Assistant. Gemini will too powering a new generation of BardGoogle’s AI chat assistant.