Spotify is testing a new AI feature that creates playlists based on text instructions. There is a feature for selected users available under Your Library after tapping the plus sign to create a new playlist. The news was reported by TechCrunch, which claims to have received confirmation from Spotify that it is testing playlists created by artificial intelligence. It is not yet clear whether the music streamer plans to launch this news publicly.

“Turn your ideas into playlists with Al,” reads the in-app feature description in the TikTok video. Users can chatbots to pose challenges such as: “Fill the silence with cafe music in the background” or “I need to concentrate on work with instrumental electronic music.” Artificial intelligence then will offer a playlistwhich he selects based on these requirements, the user can then swipe left to remove any songs that don’t suit him and continue refining the playlist.

If Spotify does eventually launch this feature, perhaps it could use it as a loophole to pay for a more expensive subscription tier. However, earlier this year Spotify launched a similar AI DJ feature (powered by OpenAI technology) that recommends music. Like much of the tech industry, the streaming giant seems eager to incorporate artificial intelligence into its products more broadly.