The first electric Range Rover will be spectacular. He surpasses the competition with his skills.

While both BMW and Mercedes-Benz already offer luxury electric SUVs, Land Rover is still fine-tuning its contribution. Orders were supposed to open later this year, but it looks like the flagship model will be delayed. The automaker reached for an emergency option in the form of an entry on the waiting list, which will allow priority ordering of the electric Range Rover next year.

First drive with the new Range Rover: There's always room for improvement, but we didn't expect this!

In terms of design, the version will be based on the current model, but will carry several specific elements. The automaker provides a look at the wheels, radiator grille filler, and trim behind the front fenders. The current MLA platform, which is used by combustion and electrified models, is ready for an emission-free variant. It is even compatible with hydrogen propulsion. It is not in sight, but the Zeus internal project dedicated to hydrogen is running.

In the tradition of Range Rover, the new addition will be exceptional. Thomas Müller, technical director of development, said it will be the quietest Range Rover ever. At the same time, it will retain the ability to go anywhere with minimal effort without compromise. Thanks to the 800V system, it will offer fast charging for long trips, will have adequate towing power and top-notch off-road skills, including overcoming 850mm fords. In relation to this, a twin-motor configuration for all-wheel drive is expected. According to Müller, the dynamics will be comparable to the 530 horsepower V8.

The new Range Rover Sport SV flies through corners like never before.  It has 635 horsepower and can handle 290 km/h

Final tests are currently underway in Sweden and Dubai, focusing on overall chassis durability, battery life and thermal management. Production will take place in Solihull, where mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions are also assembled. The batteries will be provided by an external supplier, later they should come from its own factory in Somerset if JLR Tata actually builds it. Assembly of the batteries and electric motors will be provided by the center in Wolverhampton.