It was a big halo at the time when VW was preparing a completely new independent platform for electric cars, on which it wanted to start an imaginary revolution in affordable battery-powered cars. With hindsight, we can say that the plan was very ambitious and partly remained unfulfilled. “Trojka” is a pleasant car, but it has its flaws, it does not significantly stand out from its direct competitors and, above all, it does not cost as much as the diesel Golf, as we were promised at the time.

However, the Germans are not giving up on the idea of ​​an affordable electric car. And it wouldn’t be worthwhile for them to delay too much, when a plethora of Chinese automakers are rushing to Europe with available electric cars. Already in the spring of this year, Volkswagen presented a design study labeled ID.2 all (a play on words that can be loosely translated as ID for all), whose parameters and announced price are much more interesting.

How is it spelled correctly?

Sound-sounding names from the automotive world are gradually disappearing and are being replaced by various abbreviations – bZ4X, EQS EV6… Volkswagen has chosen the designation ID for its unique family of electric cars. However, sometimes a period is followed by a space, sometimes not. So how is it right?

Actually, it’s simple: if it’s a production car, it’s written without a space (VW ID.3, VW ID.5), but if we’re talking about a concept, the period is followed by a space (ID. 2all). So let you know that the next time you go to praise such an electric car in a discussion!

Photo: Volkswagen

Today, VW electric cars cover the most sought-after segments. The ID.Buzz bus is especially exotic, and the ID.7 limousine sits at the top of the line.

This car is also based on the MEB platform, but it is only 4050 mm long (so it is a class below the ID.3), yet it maintains a decent wheelbase of 2600 mm, approaching the larger Golf. This also helps the solid luggage compartment with a volume of 490 liters. The base price of up to 25,000 euros, i.e. roughly 600,000 CZK, should also be attractive.

Photo: Volkswagen

id. 2all will become the first electric car on the MEB platform with front-wheel drive.

“In terms of size, the interior should match the Golf,” Štěpán Řehák, VW’s press spokesman for design, confirmed on the X social network. “In the case of the SUV variant, it will be similar,” he adds. This brings us to the ace up our sleeve!

Volkswagen doesn’t want to leave anything to chance and will launch the available electric novelty straight away in two body variants. In addition to the classic hatchback (similar to the Polo), an increased version with SUV shapes will also arrive, which customers are hearing about. But it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the electric equivalent of, say, the T-Cross, with the silhouette published across social media (see above) looking like it’ll be more of a ‘cross’ version of the base model. That is, with more pronounced protective plastics and a slightly higher ground clearance.

Photo: Volkswagen

VW does not forget hot hatch fans even in the electric era. ID concept. GTI announces a sharp sports car that will entertain you behind the wheel even with flashlights in the floor!

Production Volkswagen ID. 2all is very likely to become the brand’s most affordable electric car. It should appear in the menu in 2025, the second body design with SUV style will arrive a year later.