Your wallet doesn’t have to shake in front of Audi service centers anymore.

“You have an Audi? The service must be pretty greasy!” It is precisely against this prejudice that Audi branded services are starting a fight with a new service, with which customers can save up to 80 percent of the cost of repairing a damaged or non-functional component.

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The Audi Repair Concept service is intended for owners of cars older than five years and deals with the repair of particularly expensive components such as multimedia devices or particulate filters. The key to significant financial savings is to have it repaired by a manufacturer-designated specialist instead of replacing it with a new original part. The entire process of disassembly, shipping, repair and reassembly into the car takes no more than two working weeks.

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The price communicated to the customer in advance is fixed, so it will not increase even if an additional defect is discovered. In addition, the part is covered by a two-year warranty under the Audi Repair Concept program.