Users of the Meta Quest headset will now be able to write reports, edit spreadsheets, and create presentations—if they want to do any of those things in virtual reality. Support for the basic Microsoft Office suite because it appeared newly in the original model of the headset Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro and also in the latest model Meta Quest 3. Users can now download Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free from the Meta Quest store.

The company first revealed that it was going to launch Microsoft 365 apps experiences for its headsets during the Connect 2022 event. As part of its partnership with Microsoft, it also promised users access to Outlook, Teams and the Windows environment.

In order for users to use the core Office applications on their device, they will need to have a Microsoft account and sign in to it. The app files are quite small because they run in the cloud, so they download quickly and can be run side-by-side.

But it seems so application for now they are not optimized for virtual reality, so users may struggle with small icons and other elements that don’t work very well in the environment. Additionally, it’s not easy to type on the Quest’s on-screen keyboard, but that can make connecting other accessories a lot easier.