One could almost say that the Mercedes EQT is a typical example of the compromises that automakers are often forced to make today. Customers need a practical and spacious car, but they have stopped buying MPVs and SUVs are not enough for them. Okay, so we will offer them a converted small van, but we have to produce it half with another car company, because it would not be profitable for us to develop our own model.

But we can’t just put it next to the other premium models of the brand, so we will have to significantly improve the interior, add equipment, improve materials and so on. And then there is the push for electromobility. We already have our modern electric platform, but it doesn’t fit this car, so we’ll simply convert it from combustion to electric. The result is that the rear passengers sit on the battery and don’t have much legroom, and in the front there is a large gearbox selector sticking out of the dashboard completely unnecessarily, but what can be done.

However, these are all rather small problems. The bigger one comes in the context of what the Mercedes T-Class is actually used for. The internal combustion engine often serves as a family van, takes children to sports, transports large dogs and often goes on long vacations. And that’s where the problem arises with the electric version. It will take sports equipment and four-legged pets without any problems, but due to the usable capacity of the 45k Wh battery, it will only take them some 280 km far, and even then only in the best case. Realistically, it will be more like around 220 and in freezing winter weather even less than 160 km per charge.

The Mercedes-Benz EQT is a car for a very narrow target group. But if you belong to it, it means that you probably already have other Mercedes at home, you don’t need to drive long distances with the EQT, but you travel around the city a lot, and in addition you have a charger available at home overnight, it can represent an absolutely ideal everyday helper for you. You can see more of my findings from weekly testing in the video.